Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

County of DuPage

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Project Goal

Providing focused-based GIS applications was a goal DuPage County GIS had set out approximately 5 years ago. We wanted to move away from our all-in-one encompassing GIS Flex based application to break out focused-based applications that met the needs of jurisdictional, departmental and task-focused geospatial needs.
In our old all-encompassing GIS Flex application with its many data layers, if one was looking for, for example, School District boundaries within DuPage County, they would have had to navigate into an application with many tools and data layers. In many cases, this would overwhelm the user who simply wanted to view school districts. This resulted in the basic user exiting the application.
Our deployment goal was to break out small focused applications with a hybrid approach using ArcGIS Online along with ArcGIS Server with access to the various Web Maps and applications accessible through our ArcGIS Online home page and organizational account.
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Business Problem Solved

DuPage County now provides over 100+ Web Maps and Applications to County citizens and staff. These multiple web maps and applications are now providing simple focus web maps along with simple applications through ArcGIS Online. Then, through ArcGIS Server, we provide large datasets like parcels/land records and image services along with department practical focus applications. These department-focused applications, such as our Street Sign Inventory, which integrates with Collector for ArcGIS, brings efficiency and cost savings to the County, reducing paperwork and redundancy. We are also able to provide the public with access to where they can notify staff of waterway and roadway issues through our Citizen Reporter Application.
For specific projects or county issues, we are utilizing Story Book templates to explain various issues and/or projects happening in the County such as the opioid epidemic and how our NARCAN (Naloxone) program is saving lives.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Desktop
• ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Enterprise
• ArcGIS Online
• Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS Developer Edition

• Parcel Viewer
• Bike & Trails Application
• Digital Map Book
• Citizen Reporter
• Capital Improvement
• NARCAN Program Digital Map Series

Development Team Biography

Tom Ricker-GIS Manager
Mike Semenek-Senior GIS Analysis
Ryan Nosek-GIS Analysis
Mary Elliot-Senior GIS Analysis
Robert Schuldt-GIS Specialist
Michelle Zakosek- GIS Specialist
James Tompkins- GIS Technician
Song Xu- GIS Technician

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