Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics and World Food Program

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Project Goal

The ultimate goal of using the geospatial platform is to strengthen the capacity of the government of Egypt to monitor and respond to different types of risks, including food security and vulnerability risks, and to ensure that informed policy interventions are in place. In that regard, the initiative provided a wide set of statistics that represents key performance indicators for most of public services and facilities, as well as macro-economic performance and social justice. For instance, the system presents many indicators that relate to the education system, such as in preschool, basic, secondary and vocational education. These were introduced at various administrative levels to highlight the quality, efficiency and coverage of this sector across regions. One of the published indicators, for example, was the students' density per class that is drawn by comparing governorates, which could be an answer to the question of future expansion in schooling infrastructure.
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Business Problem Solved

There was no evidence-based spatial information, which is essential to support the public policies formulation, investment potentials, entrepreneurship, and NGO activities. Therefore, all the mentioned stakeholders should intensively collect data from different sources to be able to produce a multidisciplinary analysis. Moreover, many of them don’t have the capacity or capabilities, especially regarding the geospatial analysis that empower them to make the right decisions.
Therefore, the solution was to:
1- Provide the info-structure that is needed to promote the role of civil society and sustainable development and support the foreign and domestic investment decisions using the most updated technology.
2- Raise the public awareness and accessibility to the national system of official statistics at the various administrative levels.
3- Follow the international standards for open data and big data.

Technology Implemented

1-ArcGIS for Server Enterprise Advanced (Windows) with Portal for ArcGIS
2-ArcGIS for Desktop Standard

Development Team Biography

The core team was from CAPMAS, which includes different IT specialists, statistician’s researchers. The principal investigator is Dr. Mohamed Ramadan, R&D advisor to CAPAMAS president., works as a consultant to international and national research. Eng. Ahmed Kamel, GIS-GM at CAPMAS, is the technical officer., Dr. Menghestab Hail, the WFP country director & the international expert of crisis management, and included Eng. Alaa Zohery, senior GIS specialist. Over and above, ESRInea dedicated itself, and nominated Eng. Abeer Medhat, senior GIS specialist, to act as the project manager.

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