Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Manila Water Company, Inc.

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Project Goal

Driven by the goal to maximize current investments in GIS, Manila Water has leveraged on mobile application development and systems integration. Through the Enterprise Asset Management program, core systems including BI, CRM, SAP and SCADA are integrated into the GIS to provide real-time information to key stakeholders and decision-makers. Geo-enrichment of textual information provided enhanced and faster analytics for customer response and operations. Integrated information and geo-enriched content also propelled mobile solution development using Survey123 for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS as well Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS using ArcGIS Online organizational account. This has provided cost-effective solutions to the most pressing issues within the enterprise. 1.4 M USD has been saved within a year of implementation, and a minimum of 100,000 USD OPEX savings per year on project monitoring and regulatory compliance activities are the top benefits of the GIS maximization program.
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Business Problem Solved

The GIS Maximization program has brought the following improvements: Enterprise Asset Management integration with GIS has provided a single source of truth for asset information. Call agents now have a visibility of where the customer calls are. Critical activities are now being analyzed using GIS. Asset information update of Network improvement projects are now being done thru Survey123, introducing 140% efficiency in asset update. Contractor proof of performance is now being tracked using Survey123 apps and dashboard for the Quality Assurance and Construction Management team. Operations log of manual forms are now being automated and digitized. Public work, telecommunication and other utility master plans are now being viewed in a single Operations Dashboard, which avoided cost of about 100M USD worth of third-party damages to Manila Water assets.

Technology Implemented

Esri Developer Network for Enterprise Asset Management-GIS viewer. Operations Dashboard DPWH Dashboard, Call Tickets Dashboard, Operations Log, Subsidiary dashboards, etc. Survey123 for Operations Log, Network Improvement Project -GIS mobile solution, Daily Progress Photo for Manila Water Project App, Asset Inspection Forms and Meter Reading apps and many more.

Development Team Biography

Cross-functional team from Strategic Asset Management, Water Supply Operations, Project management, Business Operations, Corporate Finance and Information Technology Groups

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