Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

County of Loudoun

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Project Goal

Loudoun County, Virginia purchased site license number 34 from Esri in 1986 and has been continuously modernizing and expanding the role of the system ever since. The mission of Loudoun County’s GIS is to deliver detailed, timely, and accurate data not just internally but to citizens, businesses, and governments. Loudoun began flying annual aerial photography in 1979 and, since then, the County’s population has grown 670%, and it just keeps going. It's one of the fastest growing counties in the nation. The County could not have managed this growth without GIS and without continuously improving its software, staff training, system integration, and data. The county has been doing these things for over 30 years.
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Business Problem Solved

Loudoun has been distributing hard copy maps at a walk-up information counter, building custom tools for the public, and distributing data for the cost of reproduction for over 30 years. The county's business community and citizens needed mapped information for commerce and to comply with regulations. In 1990, the County established public access through a custom app that accessed the GIS directly. It later became a web app, and now there is a GeoHub with access to open data. We’ve been sharing layers with Esri’s Community Maps since 2010. Another problem was the cost of acquisition of some data. For the last four years, volunteers from AOL have been mapping features (fountains, benches, etc.) in the County's parks using their smartphones to help the public make better use of the facilities. Finally, the GIS has been integrated with many other systems including CAD. Land records data are maintained usually in 48 hours of recordation to ensure prompt, accurate service.

Technology Implemented

Nearly all Esri products since 1986: ArcInfo, ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, Avenue, Esri CityEngine, ArcObjects, SDE, Community Maps

Development Team Biography

It is not possible to list in 1000 words all of the people who worked on the GIS for the last 30 years. They are found today in the Office of Mapping and Geographic Information, Planning and Zoning, Fire and Rescue Services, Transportation and Capital Infrastructure, Loudoun County Public Schools, General Services, and Health Services. All have bachelor's degrees, usually in Geography, and about half have master's degrees.
There are 4 people who have guided the program for many years: Dave Torraca, GIS Manager, Masters of Public Administration, 28 years with Loudoun's GIS; Mike Fauss, Land Records Division Manager, MS Environmental Science and Engineering, 22 years; Kristin Brown, Development and Analysis Division Manager, MS Geography, 19 years; and Larry Stipek, Department Director, MS Geography, 26 years.

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