Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

City of Branson, MO

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Project Goal

The City of Branson, GIS Division has historically been a centralized department. The GIS Division was solely responsible for spatial data creation, maintenance and project development for all City departments. Although, over the years, the Division had been successful in meeting the data, project and analysis needs, the tremendous amount of useful spatial data was very centralized. In addition, two other City departments had a single seat of ArcGIS software from which they were maintaining their own sets of spatial data, creating information "silos" and potential versioning issues. The City of Branson, GIS Division needed to migrate from a "Centralized" GIS structure to an "Enterprise" GIS structure for greater data accessibility among all City departments. This would further empower the City's GIS to enhance the efficiency of our local government processes. In addition, the Enterprise GIS solution would also provide spatial data access to our citizens and visitors alike.
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Business Problem Solved

The Centralized-to-Enterprise GIS project solved a number of problems, as well as implemented useful applications for the City Departments, as well as Citizens and visitors. Spatial data creation and maintenance was dispersed among other Department experts on particular datasets. For instance, the Utilities Department creates and maintains water and wastewater features either through a desktop application or with a Collector application on a mobile device. Versioning and multi-editor issues were solved effectively by migrating all spatial data features to an Enterprise Geodatabase. The Enterprise Geodatabase is the data source for web map applications that exhibit immediate changes in spatial features made by various City Departments. It is also the feature data source for a "My Address" web application that is rich with information for citizens. A web map for Monarch Butterfly Gardens and an Adopt-A-Street web map application was developed to promote environmental preservation.

Technology Implemented

The City of Branson entered into an Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) with Esri. This important decision provided the software and tools for all City Departments that made migrating from a Centralized GIS to an Enterprise GIS organization possible. The other vastly important piece of the project was the implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise and creating an Enterprise Geodatabase on the Local Government Information Model (LGIM) schema. All features and feature datasets were meticulously migrated into the LGIM geodatabase, with the appropriate Departmental users and editing privileges assigned. Web maps were developed using a combination of ArcGIS Online, Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS, and the "My Government Services" template from Esri. ArcGIS Desktop software is now utilized by 6 of the City Departments, and an additional 14 City employees have been trained to use the software on a daily basis.

Development Team Biography

Curtis Copeland, GISP, GIS Coordinator, City of Branson: Curtis has been with the City of Branson GIS Division for 18 years. He has a degree in Geospatial Sciences from Missouri State University (1997). He is the current chairman of the Tri-Lakes GIS Users Group.

Cheryl Lovato, GIS Technician, City of Branson: Cheryl has been with the City of Branson GIS Division for 12 years. Prior to her service with Branson, she spent 21 years in mapping and GIS for Clark County, Nevada Water Reclamation District. She has associates degrees in Digital Drafting (1982) and Geographic Information Systems (1998)

Brendan Bladdick, GIS Intern, City of Branson (2016)
Geospatial Sciences degree program, Missouri State University

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