Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

South Carolina Power Team

Project Goal

Powering Technology & Research
SC Power Team launched a new website offering GIS applications as a resource for our economic development stakeholders. The website and its custom GIS Components is free for any user and enables communities to present stronger community identities and showcase offerings in our state.
The GIS components include SC Sites/Parks/Buildings inventory; Socioeconomic-demographic data; Site Selection Labor Market Analysis; Custom data reports by point, line or geography; Extensive search capabilities
SC Data Center: Same functionality as Sites/Parks/Buildings GIS component but faster access to data desired; and focuses on geographical locations vs. SPBs.
Capabilities of GIS Components: Increased flexible research capabilities to articulate a community’s story; API fed data guarantees the most current data delivery; and Esri & Chmura Economics & Analytics (JobsEQ)
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Learn more about our application: Site 1 | Site 2

Business Problem Solved

Through the implemented GIS components, SC Power Team now offers Tier-1 level online tools that provide quality socioeconomic-demographic, industry and occupation data in a presentation-quality format from the leaders in the market. GIS WebTech serves Esri data and reports, delivering users the same spot-on-accurate data as they would get directly from Esri. Data consistency is important to show cohesiveness across many agencies which add credibility to the data and its providers. We wanted a solution that would provide a way for all users to be able to provide the same accurate reports in a presentation-quality manner. The integration between Esri and GIS WebTech allows accessibility to both, which allows us to run reports and deliver them quickly, confidently, and reliably. We save at least 50 percent of our report preparation time and are increasingly more productive now than ever.

Technology Implemented

Esri's ArcGIS Online and Business Analyst Online (BAO) API

Development Team Biography

Tim Duerr is the Director of Research for the SC Power Team. He has been in research and business intelligence for more than fifteen years. He served both the Upstate Alliance and Central SC Alliance (most recently). However, it was his service to Alliance Pickens for eight years, which made him ideal in his role at the South Carolina Power Team. He spent years helping his rural community tell their story with strong and reliable data. Jason Elliott, the company founder, is currently chief technology officer of GIS WebTech. He focuses on the development of the company’s market-leading product suite for economic development. GIS WebTech develops innovative technology solutions engineered specifically for economic development and site selection. The company’s solutions help economic development organizations attract, retain, and expand businesses within their communities and help corporate site selectors identify and analyze ideal locations.

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