Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Land Tirol – Abt. Zivil- und Katastrophenschutz

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Project Goal

The Tyrolean fire brigade system consists of 358 fire brigades with 30,000 firefighters, who mainly work as volunteers.
There are direct enquiries once an hour to attend any case of fire, road accidents, tunnel accidents, incidents with hazardous materials as well as animals to be rescued.
The main goal of the tiris OEI webGIS Service (tiris OEI = tyrolean webGIS information system for local firefighting operations) is to digitalize information about
• the position of fire hydrants.
• hazards like gas connections.
• electrical lines or pylons.
• the use of photovoltaic conversion.
• danger of fire.
• emergency corridors or danger of chemical materials.
All this has to be prepared, and firefighting operations must be coordinated.
Due to the high range of firefighting operations, the firefighters have to be well trained and must get as much information as possible to do a good job.
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Business Problem Solved

Different “modules“ of tiris OEI assist the firefighters (e.g., when searching for people that are missed in the Tyrolean white water). After an emergency call, the tiris system calculates the distance of the accident point in the white water. Making use of the system, the rescue mission can be planned efficiently, and the rescue team is positioned exactly at the point where the person is supposed to be.
In order to have access to water for firefighting at the right position (tiris OEI LÖSCHWASSERBERECHNUNG), tiris assists with calculating the direction, distance, the number of hoses and the number of pumps. The "tiris digital radio" module explains how the network works and shows the influence of emergency communication in case of a breakdown.
The province of Tyrol offers this webGIS to its firefighters to prepare them for any challenges. The next step to be developed is “katGIS tirol” (information system based on the tiris OEI), which allows for the creation of a location map.

Technology Implemented

WebOffice SynerGIS

Development Team Biography

tiris Civil Protection and Disaster Relief

Thomas Geiler, MSc
Head of "tiris Civil Protection and Disaster Relief"
tiris (Tyrolean Geographic Information System)
Education: Master of Science in Geography (University of Innsbruck)
Main emphasis: Risk management, Natural Hazard Research

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