Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Ohio Department of Transportation

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Project Goal

ODOT’s GIS implementation centered on delivering enterprise solutions to eliminate information accessibility challenges for internal and external customers, and data silos across the agency. Part 1 included developing a public-facing information portal – the Transportation Information Mapping System (TIMS), consisting of 6 pages (Project Search, Create A Map, Data Download, Standard PDF Maps, Map Viewers, Data Glossary), now expanding to include a secured Crash Analysis module. TIMS currently hosts 80+ datasets, links users with 3 other systems, and is easily updated through a custom administration interface.

Part 2 includes the deployment of Collector for ArcGIS across the agency, with 10+ assets scoped to be distributed to 500+ field users. Assets are developed through the Transportation Asset Management Audit Group (TAMAG), creating enterprise dataset standards and workflows to ensure consistency across the agency.
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Business Problem Solved

TIMS enables self-service access and transportation specific analysis, allowing users to quickly find information relevant for transportation planning. TIMS pulls data from other agency databases through scheduled ETLs, keeping information timely.

Collector creates standardized datasets, providing consistency across the 12 districts and central office business units. The COTS deployment ability of the app enables efficient use of equipment in field offices and relative ease of adoption after the first few assets.

Technology Implemented

ArcServer, ArcGIS API for JavaScript, Leaflet API, ArcGIS Online, Collector for ArcGIS, Esri System Monitoring, ModelBuilder, custom Server Object Extension, Python

Development Team Biography

TIMS Project Team
Drew Williams – Sponsor
Dave Blackstone – Sponsor
Ian Kidner, GISP – GIS Project Lead
Stephen Hale – GIS DB Admin
Jackie Trexel – Project Manager
Tracy Bugg – GIS Server Admin
Jonathan Stewart – DBA
Latha Gururajan - Tester
Data Transfer Solutions - App developer

Collector Project Team
Drew Williams – Sponsor
John Puente, GISP – TAMAG Co-Chair, Sponsor
Ian Kidner, GISP – TAMAG Co-Chair, GIS Project Lead
Priyanka Singh – Project Manager
Tony Clark – GIS DB Admin
Michael Weakley – GIS Specialist
Scott Fierro, GISP – GIS Server Admin
Jonathan Stewart – DBA
Rashmi Somani – Business Analyst
Narasimha Mukkapati - Tester

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