Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Walt Disney Animation Studios

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Project Goal

The world of Zootopia is as colorful and diverse as its animal citizens. Each part of the city had to be fully built out to provide the large urban scale required to tell the story. Filmmakers wanted the city to be a character in the movie - it had to feel new and special, but at the same time, believable and with a logic of its own. In addition to building a city that would be comfortable for different sizes of animals, one of the main ideas was to have sections of the city designed for different climate habitats, requiring unique architectural styles and street layouts for each district.
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Business Problem Solved

When the film's story changed in late 2014, the filmmakers thought that the main character's best introduction to the city of Zootopia would be on a train ride through the whole city, which greatly increased the scope of what would be seen on-screen. Suddenly we went from needing a few minor background buildings to needing an entire city layout, complete with streets, residential and business zones, and distinct construction that fit the climate of the area. We needed it all built within a short time frame - with a small core team.

Technology Implemented

Esri CityEngine

Development Team Biography

Brandon Jarratt - General TD, project lead for the city building on Zootopia
Allen Corcorran - General TD, additional workflow development and CityEngine pipeline integration
John Murrah - Set Extension Supervisor, building assets and city district placement in shots
Heather Abels, Alex Garcia, Bryan LaFrance, Adil Mustafabekov - Set Extension Artists, building assets
Cory Loftis, Dave Goetz, Matthias Lechner, and Dan Cooper - Art Directors
Brett Achorn - General TD, responsible for much of our early development to use and integrate CityEngine

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