Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Bank Muamalat Indonesia

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Project Goal

In line with implementation of Business Intelligence tools and Islah Project execution for cost optimization, Bank Muamalat Indonesia needed to leverage analytic capability to bring location-based analysis as a solution for optimizing bank Networks such as Branches and ATMs in Indonesia.

The project target is to implement location-based analysis for these several needs:
1. ATM Status and Transaction Monitoring/Dashboard
2. Branch Distribution
3. Site Analysis
3a. Surrounding potential market using Point Of Interest and Central Bureau of Statistics BPS data
3b. Branch/ATM BMI vs Competitor Analysis
3c. Distance analysis and Travel Time between site (Branch) for BCP Analysis
3d. Network (Branch/ATM) Optimization/Relocation
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Business Problem Solved

1. No need to manually measure distance location using Google Maps between branch site
2. Dashboard as Bird view for operational ATM Monitoring Team to check status ATM
3. Capability to combine Internal Bank Data with external data such as POI to check what is the best location to invest/relocation ATM Network
4. Branch or ATM Relocation (Parameter Calculation for determining branch or ATM that needs to be relocated or closed)

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS 10.3.1 for Desktop (ArcMap)
- Analysis tool [Buffer] determining the potential business point covered within a specific buffer branch
- Analysis tool [Intersect Tool, Clip tool, Merge Tool and Spatial join] for creating map and managing dataset
- ArcGIS Spatial Analyst tool [Euclidean Distance] to calculate distance in degrees to the other points
- Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Development Team Biography

1. Project Leader - Gumilar Irwan Supendi
Very passionate with data analytic and new technology implementation to bring new insight for business decision-making and Management Information System (MIS) (regulatory and non-regulatory report). Has 8 years experience in Datawarehouse and Business Intelligence implementation from Telco to Banking Industry.

2. Hasemi Rafsanjani (SAM) - BI Developer
He develops and maintains client and applications for Bank Muamalat Indonesia. Included in the scope of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence. He is also responsible for Managing and developing ArcGIS Applications according to company needs.

Sam also studied previous versions of ArcMap when he was earning a university degree. Having worked with multiple technologies over the years, he now loves to keep an eye on learning the latest technology and enjoys designing reporting dashboard.

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