Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

The city of Pori

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Project Goal

The City of Pori has actively developed more than 40 apps based on Esri technology. The apps vary from story maps showing the locations of public dog parks or nature trails to recommending bicycling routes. The apps work as a driver for increasing, for example, social welfare, and making visiting Pori more attractive to tourists.

Further, the ArcGIS platform has played an important role in building the school network in the city and social and health care reform in Satakunta province.

The City of Pori has realized the benefits which ESRI technology can bring, and are now using ArcGIS platform in a wide range of different projects.

The City of Pori will continue to look for opportunities to expand the use of the ArcGIS platform, and has been one of the first to use drones for real estate mapping. The City of Pori has set a great example and model for other cities and municipalities in Finland for how to benefit from Esri technology in many ways.
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Business Problem Solved

The City of Pori uses Esri technology for the service map featuring the public services in the City of Pori. The ArcGIS platform has also been a great tool for Pori to monitor energy consumption in city-owned real estate.

The City of Pori also wanted our public transportation to be used much more than before. The key to do that was to create an easier, user-friendly way
to share information containing timetables, routes, bus stops, tickets and real-time vehicle tracking in one place with game-like UI (app and website).

The health, social services and regional government reform is one of the largest reform packages dealing with administrative structures and practices ever undertaken in Finland.The reform will affect the work of hundreds of thousands of people and the services provided for every citizen in the country. Using ArcGIS Pro and location-allocation tools, we have optimized 2 500 social and health service points to 4 service centers in Satakunta district.

Technology Implemented

Esri tehcnology has been used widely for implementation-from ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online, from Collector for ArcGIS to Workforce for ArcGIS and Drone2Map for ArcGIS.

Esri ArcGIS platform is also the heart of our solutions. We use REST­ interfaces to share information between databases and UI. ArcGIS GeoEvent Server improves bus stops waiting times by using vehicles real-time tracking.

Development Team Biography

Mr. Timo Widbom, MSc, PhD candidate, GIS Specialist, Information services. 25 years of knowledge and know-how in GIS and Esri techology.

Mr. Mikko Viitala, MSc, Master's Degree Programme in Management and Information Technology. Manager of real estate unit in City of Pori.

Mr. Osmo Leppäniemi, Main designer in GIS for 2.5 years at the city ITC-office. MSc in Technology (IT), using GIS to solve problems to create new solutions and to learn/teach more efficient ways to work

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