Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Bayerisches Staatsministerium des Innern, für Bau und Verkehr – Infrastrukturplanung Strasse and Autobahndirektion Südbayern

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Project Goal

Roads connect people to job opportunities and travel destinations. They support commerce, communication, public safety, and many other industries. Government officials around the world are looking for better ways to plan, build, operate, and maintain the transportation infrastructure that citizens rely on every day.
In Germany, the Bavarian State Building Administration needed to step into more powerful information systems to optimize its road infrastructure. The solution had to work with the existing information platform, BAYSIS. This information platform contains an expansive amount of data on transregional road network in Bavaria and all road-related technical information. It supplies this data to users both inside and outside the administration.
To optimize the management process of the Bavarian State Building Administration, we are working on consistent applications using tools like Insights for ArcGIS to activate significant time and cost savings and efficiency gains.
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Business Problem Solved

The solution had to meet four essential criteria:
• First, it had to provide a comprehensive view of key performance indicators that measure a variety of spatial, demographic, economic, and governmental policy outcomes.
• Second, the tool had to facilitate easy collaboration among federal and state government officials.
• Third, the tool had to be a web-based solution. Users would need to be able to publish and share analytic discoveries online to support quick and accurate decision-making.
• Fourth, the ideal solution had to work with the Bavarian State Building Administration's existing information platform, BAYSIS, which is hosted on Microsoft SQL Server.
We decided to use Insights for ArcGIS as a data visualization tool, since the app is quick to implement and easy to use and makes sharing analysis simple.

Technology Implemented

Among others, we realized the need for a map-based information system for intranet and internet usage. We will supply the data for analysis in Insights for ArcGIS and publish the resultant information on a web-based portal solution.

Development Team Biography

Mr. Degelmann is head of the unit “Infrastructure Planning” of the Supreme Building Authority in the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior, Building and Transport, who, among others, manages the GIS.

As a head of the division, Mr. Schnitzhofer is responsible for strategic questions concerning further development of GIS within the Central Office for Information Systems of the Bavarian Road Administration.

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