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Project Goal

The U.S. Navy GeoReadiness Enterprise Program utilizes the GeoReadiness Enterprise System (GES) as a geospatial data integration platform that hosts authoritative Installation Geospatial Information & Services (IGI&S) data in support of Navy shore installation missions.

GeoReadiness goals include fostering collaboration; providing geospatial technology solutions to Navy business challenges based on customer requirements; maintenance of standardized, authoritative data; and developing and communicating policy and guidance supporting geospatial use.

The GES is a business system based on an enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) with customized tools that support Commander, Navy Installation Command (CNIC) and Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) capability areas. It is integrated with other authoritative business systems, thus facilitating data interoperability across many NAVFAC Programs and enabling optimal situational awareness for shore readiness.

Business Problem Solved

GeoReadiness provides products and services that meet the requirements defined by a diverse set of NAVFAC Business Lines and CNIC program areas. For example, to improve data quality, a Real Property asset reconciliation tool is utilized to support NAVFAC Asset Management’s reconciliation efforts. NAVFAC Public Works utilizes GeoReadiness offerings to plan grounds maintenance projects, enhance energy management, and manage utility production/distribution. Regional and Installation Planners from NAVFAC Shore Planning utilize GeoReadiness products and data to analyze and compile planning constraints to optimize base planning and development activities. The GeoReadiness systems and database architecture can be leveraged and expanded upon by other U.S. Navy programs as well. It serves as a base enterprise GIS that supports a diverse set of tools and extensive application suite.

Technology Implemented

Esri customized COTS software, including ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS for Desktop (v10.3.1), is the primary platform used to deploy GeoReadiness enterprise products and services. Concurrent-use Desktop licenses are made available to data editors via CITRIX (a middleware virtual console) and single-use Desktop licenses are installed on client machines on basis of request. An enterprise license agreement is used to manage all ArcGIS Desktop and Server licenses and ArcGIS extensions.

GeoReadiness staff maintain authoritative data in Oracle SDE databases using versioning and disconnected editing workflows. These data are published to AGS servers and made discoverable via applications deployed on web servers. All server infrastructure is centrally located at NAVFAC Information Technology Center (NITC).

GeoReadiness is in the process of implementing an enterprise Esri Portal solution. This will allow for purpose-built solutions that accommodate the targeted needs of different user commu

Development Team Biography

Darrell Robertson has led the U.S. Navy’s GeoReadiness IGI&S Program for 8 years and his government service encompasses 23 years of progressive program management. In addition to his current Navy career, he has supported the Marine Corps, the Department of the Interior, and NOAA as well. Darrell leads the global GeoReadiness Program and facilitates its growth and evolution. He focuses on meeting customer needs and leveraging geospatial tools that deliver results.

Brian W. Thompson, LANT GeoReadiness Program Manager
Steve Darby, PAC GeoReadiness Program Manager

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