Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Department of Mineral Fuels

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Project Goal

DMF has implemented an Executive Information System (EIS). This project aims to integrate data from various departments into a commanding operating center of the Ministry of Energy Operations Center to help plan for petroleum concession, petroleum exploration, environmental monitoring and environmental impact assessment.
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Business Problem Solved

The DMF Strategy is to be a paperless organization, and they need to have a replacement system in place for storing petroleum data without the use of paper. Moreover, Planning for petroleum concession, petroleum exploration, environment monitoring and environment impact assessment are what they need to effectively operate as their core responsibilities. Hence, they looked for the proper system to help them perform their goals successfully.

Technology Implemented

GIS analysis is also utilized by developing script on ArcGIS for Desktop to calculate, determine and validate area for petroleum concession that comply with Thai laws and regulations. The software is also used for calculating environmental impact assessment. Apart from that, ArcGIS for Server is replacing a paper base system to store petroleum data such as petroleum exploration, production volume, sales value, royalty fees, and performance in GIS format. This aligns with the DMF strategy to be a paperless organization. Concessionaires and concession operators can monitor environmental quality and easily get digital approval for environmental quality inspection via a web application.

Development Team Biography

Mrs. Orn-anutt Suthsa-ngiam Geologist, Senior Professional Level
Ms. Marisa Chaiphon, GIS Specialist
Mr. Khemmarit Panjasiri, GIS Specialist
Mr. Arthit Chansom, GIS Specialist
Mrs. Chondhicha Kaweewong, Geologist
Mrs. Vanida Rattanalappaiboon, Programmer
Mr. Pattana Kongkim, System Engineer
Ms. Monthana Prama, General Administration Officer

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