Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

Iowa Department of Revenue and Iowa Office of Chief Information Officer

Project Goal

Obtain statewide coverage of parcel geometry and attributes for administration and compliance of the State of Iowa Business Property Tax Credit (BPTC) program. In the first year of geospatial data acquisition, the program was able to obtain and process data from 97 of 99 counties within the State of Iowa.
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Business Problem Solved

In 2013, the State of Iowa Legislature passed a tax reform law allowing qualified commercial, industrial and railroad properties (a parcel or parcel unit) to apply for a business property tax credit. Administered through the Iowa Department of Revenue, local governments are required to submit parcel geometry and associated abstract attributes that coincide with the property tax credit application. Through this process, the Department of Revenue has been able to work toward a yearly refresh of parcel geometry and attributes. Legislation also introduces a concept called the parcel unit which is defined as two or more contiguous parcels. GIS tools are playing an important role in validating this contiguous parcel unit component of the tax credit application process.

Technology Implemented

Data extract, transform and load (ETL) procedures as well as aggregation workflows were implemented using ArcGIS 10.4 and the Community Parcels Solution, customized Python scripts and ArcGIS Server. Data is being made accessible for other State of Iowa governmental units through ArcGIS REST services and integrated into the Department of Revenue Local Government Exchange portal using Esri's ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

Development Team Biography

Julie Roisen, Division Administrator, Iowa Dept. of Revenue - Property Tax Division
Patrick Wilke-Brown, State GIS Coordinator, Office of the Chief Information Officer
Susan Chambers, Analyst, Iowa Dept. of Revenue - Property Tax Division
Mark Williams, Project Manager, Iowa Dept. of Revenue - Property Tax Division
Rajesh Srinivasan, Application Developer, Iowa Dept. of Revenue - Property Tax Division
BJ Covington, Analyst, Iowa Dept. of Revenue - Property Tax Division
Iowa State Association of Counties GIS Subcommittee

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