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2017 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

Enterprise-wide analysis of GIS requirements back in 2014 and design of a service based geodata reference architecture.
Issue of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the procurement of a suitable enterprise GIS Technology.
Procurement and implementation of a suitable geodata shared platform (G-SHARP) which comprises four major components:
- Geodata infrastructure (GDI), which serves as the basis for G-SHARP and can be shared by GIS applications in GDIaaS mode
- Geobasis services, mainly consists of map services which provide external or internal geodata or geo services internally, ready to consume in a standardized way
- Geoportal, the enterprise self-service geo content management system including visualization of the available geobasis services as a base map
- Team, to run the platform, enable software engineers and architects in using G-SHARP technologies, create and maintain technology blueprints and best practices and support decision-making in general GIS questions
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Business Problem Solved

Due to its history, SBB only had a few GIS systems which merely operate as stand-alone silos. During the last decade, more and more demand for geodata interoperability came up. GIS shall no longer serve only one purpose but should also support business processes in an appropriate way.
An enterprise-wide requirement analysis showed that business wanted the following:
- Map Services, enabling the use of external geodata like National Map of Switzerland, OpenStreetMap, etc.
- Map Services, representing several internal data such as railway tracks, stations, signals, power lines, etc.
- Visualize and edit railway data objects in mobile applications
- Technical basis for interoperability with systems like SAP
- Standardize and simplify the way of using and editing geodata
To mitigate the “silo architecture” problem and provide a standardized way of “making GIS” on which future (and legacy) systems can build upon, the G-SHARP project had been initiated.

Technology Implemented

Software products:
- ArcGIS 10.4.1 for Server including ArcGIS Web Adaptor (IIS), ArcGIS Web Adaptor (Java Platform)
- Portal 10.4.1 for ArcGIS/ArcGIS Online
- ArcMap 10.4.1
- ArcGIS Pro 1.4.x

- ArcGIS API for JavaScript
- ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS
- ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android
- ArcPy
- ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET

Non-Esri technology used in addition:
- Omniscale MapProxy – for caching and redeploying external map services (WMS/WMTS)
- FME Desktop
- FME Server
- Ansible (for automated platform-/service-/application-deployments)

Development Team Biography

The Project team consisted of a small core team and a larger group of persons representing different areas of the organization and different disciplines. During the latest phase of building the platform, several employees from strategic partner (Ernst Basler + Partner) had backed up the core team.

The Members of the core team:
- Mirco Merazzi, Project Manager (Project team lead, Scrum Master, Procurement)
- Adrian Costea, Enterprise Architect (Geodata reference architecture, concepts, architectural compliance)
- Markus Schlager, GIS Solution Architect (technical architecture, concepts, platform implementation)
- Hans Wirz, GIS Solution Architect (Geodata reference architecture, big picture, concepts)

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