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2017 SAG Award Winners

District of Columbia Office of Zoning and Blue Raster

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Project Goal

The Zoning Regulations Review was an eight year project to comprehensively modernize, rewrite, and reorganize the Zoning Regulations of the District of Columbia for the first time since 1958. This process led to the development of new zoning districts, boundaries, and other related datasets that needed to be available to the public. The goal of the 2016 Zoning Map and related applications was to help the public understand the changes in the Zoning Regulations from the 1958 version to the 2016 version. The intent was to modernize and update the zoning map website and application, providing more information in a user friendly and approachable way.
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Business Problem Solved

Through this project we were able to display new datasets developed as a result of the Zoning Regulations Review. We were also able to provide information on the conversion of the 1958 zoning districts and how they converted to the new 2016 zoning districts. The new map framework also allowed us to display additional information from existing Office of Zoning data sources and provide helpful and direct links to zoning case records. The District of Columbia Office of Zoning worked with Blue Raster to develop the site and ensure the Zoning Map was fully mobile compatible, a huge improvement on past versions of the DC Zoning Map.

Technology Implemented

The 2016 Zoning Regulations mapping project relied on ArcGIS Online and Esri Story Maps apps to develop broad overviews as preliminary sites in the lead up to the Official Zoning Map of the District of Columbia's launch. The Official map relied on ArcGIS for Desktop to develop datasets and author web services, ArcGIS Server to host web services, and ArcGIS API for JavaScript to build out the application.

Development Team Biography

The main project team consisted of Nyambi Nyambi, Chief Technology Officer at the DC Office of Zoning; Matthew Holden, Zoning Data Coordinator at the DC Office of Zoning; Kevin McMaster, Senior Project Manager at Blue Raster; and Jason Hettmansperger, Senior Application Developer at Blue Raster.

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