Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

American States Utility Services, Inc. (ASUS)

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Project Goal

To stand up a centralized GIS Enterprise that is robust enough to accommodate the requirements of several overseeing organizations and support multiple GIS centric solutions but nimble enough to be effectively leveraged by users nationwide. The ASUS GIS suite at its core is a highly detailed, highly accurate geospatial record of inventory that tracks hundreds of thousands of assets in the water and wastewater systems that ASUS operates nationwide.
From this core the GIS Team is able to support a wide array of other business needs including integrate into a CMMS solution (Cityworks), incorporate into an engineering project management software, provide a geometric network ready dataset for hydraulic modeling software (Innovyze), maintain AutoCAD compatibility specific components, support a web-based portal, and host a suite of mobile applications that can be deployed on the fly, all while adhering to ever-growing Government regulations, cybersecurity requirements and consent orders.
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Business Problem Solved

Due to the large scope of the ASUS GIS project goal, a variety of challenges and obstacles were discovered and overcome during the GIS Program’s development - the largest of which was creating something from nothing. ASUS started out with a single GIS Specialist who managed only a few shapefiles and within two years successfully created a GIS Program that has accomplished its project goals and will employ a GIS team of seven by 2018.
Other challenges include not having a dedicated IT support structure, standardizing data management across eight separate military installations with differing contractual needs, implementing a single CMMS solution that simultaneously supports various sites nationwide, integrating the JDE software solution into Cityworks, getting Operation user buy-in, and getting the Government to support GIS as a more efficient and accurate way to track utility infrastructure than previous methods.

Technology Implemented

The key to the ASUS GIS Program’s success was the investment made into Esri’s Enterprise Advantage Program (EEAP). Through our EEAP Agreement, ASUS was able to provide its GIS Team members with vital online-based training, deploy various Esri led workshops, and enlist the constant support of software, database, security, and architecture experts at Esri.
ASUS has deployed Esri’s Desktop solutions, Web Adaptors, ArcGIS Server, Explorer for ArcGIS and Collector for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online and Esri’s internal Portal for ArcGIS for mobile and web based use. To further augment this Esri based GIS program, ASUS is also utilizing the X-ray and ArcGIS Data Reviewer extensions. The X-Ray tools enabled us to modify Esri’s LGIM schema to accommodate all of the different business and operational needs, while Data Reviewer gave the GIS Team the tools to maintain high data integrity. ASUS has also tied in Esri’s System Monitor solution to help keep tabs on the entire platform moving forward.

Development Team Biography

The GIS Team for this project consisted of three highly motivated, talented, hardworking individuals: Mrs. Helen Welch, Ms. Monica Gomez, and Mr. Josh Rhamy.
In addition to the GIS Team, the Golden State Water Company’s IT Team was able to support their sister company’s effort in running the physical data centers, managing the disaster recovery site, and providing ongoing technical support for the duration of the project. The ASUS Operational Support Team was also paramount in standing up the Cityworks solution.
The ASUS Enterprise GIS Team’s ongoing mission is to deliver efficient, high-quality GIS technology solutions that support and further the ASUS mission of Serving Those Who Serve™.

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