Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

City of Long Beach and City of Long Beach

Project Goal

In 2016, the City of Long Beach identified the need for making City data open, actionable, efficient and transparent. The City recognized the value that open data can play as a critical driver for the city to improve its ability to enhance economic development, citizen engagement and government transparency.

However, unlike typical open data sites, the city wanted to provide data in a more engaging environment, where the data can integrate with maps and charts and, therefore, quickly tell a story. By doing so, the City believed that by using data, analytics, and business intelligence technology, it could make better data-driven decisions.
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Business Problem Solved

Moving forward, the Technology and Innovation department in partnership with Esri developed and launched DataLB.

DataLB is the City’s new public Open Data Portal for exploring, visualizing and downloading data that has been made publicly available. Long Beach is one of the first cities to embrace Open Data in a more interactive way, and this portal allows users to analyze and combine Open Data layers using a map viewer, as well as develop new web and mobile applications.

DataLB allows the public to see detailed datasets geospatially, allowing the community to see its government in action and with better understanding of what is being done. For example, anyone can use data to map the precise location of where city projects will be funded.

In addition, DataLB provides API connections, allowing linkage to data that can develop new applications. DataLB also brings together regional and global data, providing even further insight and fostering more collaboration throughout the community.

Technology Implemented

Numerous elements of Esri technology and those of their partners were utilized to create DataLB. The main technology implemented was ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Open Data

Development Team Biography

Bryan M. Sastokas, Chief Information Officer
Jasmine S. Frost, Bureau Manager
Janet Mullen, GIS Supervisor
Scott Otto, Technical Officer
Eric Deck, Webmaster

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