Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

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Project Goal

The aquatics section of South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (SD GFP) has a very diverse workload. With this diversity comes a large quantity of data. In the past, individual offices and programs within the section are responsible for data collection, storage and analysis. To better serve both internal and external publics, a centralized database is desired that will allow staff to input and analyze data. Issues of compatibility with current operating systems exist as well as changing needs of our aquatics staff.

SD GFP seeks to create a single centralized database that upgrades and consolidates existing software and databases for its Aquatics Section. This database must allow staff to enter, store, retrieve, maintain and analyze all data needed to manage aquatics workflows by SD GFP. The database needs to structure data storage to adhere to newly adopted standards. Data collection processes need to inherently assure integrity of data as it is collected and maintained.
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Business Problem Solved

GFP is often solicited for information pertaining to fish and wildlife. Each time a request is made, department employees must spend time collecting the necessary information from the various offices that house the information. Having this information available to staff in a central location that also gives the public controlled access would greatly benefit all parties.

In addition, the various types of work that are done in the aquatics section currently require different data storage and analysis programs. Many of these programs were designed by other state agencies and are no longer supported. There are also many smaller databases that currently are in Microsoft Access and SQL databases. Currently they are housed in different locations, have varying levels of detail and functionality, and have different staff members that oversee their use. There is a need to have all of these databases much more standardized and integrated to allow for more easily accessible data.

Technology Implemented

Esri answered our RFP and proposed a commercial of-the-shelf (COTS) first approach with configuration rather than extensive custom development.

The solution included the following:
Database Server:
• Microsoft SQL Server/ArcSDE (ArcGIS for Server)
• Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services
GIS Web Server:
• ArcGIS for Server
• ArcGIS Online
• ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced
• Data Interoperability extension
Field Data Collection
• Survey123 for ArcGIS
• Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS
• AppStudio for ArcGIS

Development Team Biography

The GIS Department partnered with the aquatics staff to work with Esri on this project and streamline the solution.

Chelsea Krause, GIS Coordinator
Heather Berg, GIS Specialist
Nikholai O’Hara, GIS Specialist
John Broecher, GIS Database Specialist
Geno Adams, Fisheries Program Administrator

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