Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

City of Henderson

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Project Goal

The City of Henderson recently implemented a new GIS-centric permitting system, EnerGov, by Tyler Technologies. With this new system, addresses will need to be maintained in a GIS database by non-GIS staff.
The project goals were as follows:
1. Clean up existing address data, using SQL queries to compare different datasets/sources
2. Implement an addressing solution that would be easy to use by non-GIS staff
3. Replace flat file address update reports that were sent via email to Clark County with web services
4. Automate maps and reports for new addresses being added
5. Programmatically update address data based on parcel splits/combines
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Business Problem Solved

Address data for the City of Henderson was maintained from nightly exports (.csv files) from our legacy permitting system (Kiva). With this system going away and the need for our addresses to be in a spatial format for our new permitting software, we had to implement a new system for maintaining and distributing our address data. This new system would be utilized by non-GIS staff for maintaining our address data. We also had nightly scripts that would send address changes/updates to Clark County, which were sent in a flat file format. We wanted to replace this process with a more current technology that would have less points of failure.

Technology Implemented

The City of Henderson has been a long-standing Esri software user of ArcGIS for Server; ArcGIS for Desktop; Enterprise Geodatabase; and, most recently, ArcGIS Open Data, Collector for ArcGIS, and Operations Dashboard for Law Enforcement, which are ArcGIS Online products. For this project, we implemented a product called The Addresser by Bradshaw Consulting, which is a Server Object Extension (SOE) that utilizes our existing ArcGIS for Server environment. SQL, Python, JavaScript and .NET were used for mapping products, reports and data cleanup. Our address data cleanup was a big part of this project, and one of our staff came up with a variety of data sources to compare, validate, verify and produce reports for data cleanup.

Development Team Biography

Dustin Nelson, GIS Specialist
Erick Alvarez, Intern (Civil Engineering Student at UNLV)
Peter Thompson, Senior GIS Analyst
Tommie Weckesser, GIS Coordinator

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