Special Achievement in GIS Award

2017 SAG Award Winners

High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

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Project Goal

The goal of ODMAP is to save lives! ODMAP is a a real-time overdose surveillance system that enables participating agencies to monitor and share overdose incidents as they occur. The data collection application component enables first responders to report confirmed and suspected overdose incidents using mobile devices in real time. The data viewer dashboard component allows analysts and decision-makers in law enforcement, EMS, and public health to monitor events as they come in, both inside their own jurisdiction as well as in neighboring jurisdictions. An Alerting component notifies stakeholders of spikes in Overdose activity as soon as they are detected to enable timely countermeasures. The system enables public health and safety agencies to mobilize resources to respond quickly to an overdose spike or maximize prevention strategies to save lives.

Business Problem Solved

ODMAP fills a data gap that has been identified in the effort to quell the epidemic of opioid overdoses - Real-time suspected overdose incident data that spans across jurisdictional and organization mission boundaries. ODMAP provides real-time overdose surveillance data across jurisdictions to support public safety and public health efforts to mobilize an immediate response to an overdose spike. ODMap provides a consistent methodology to track overdoses, both fatal and non-fatal, in real time across jurisdictions, which is necessary to mobilize a public health and public safety response capable of addressing these issues within our communities.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise including
ArcGIS for Server - to serve feature services, basemap (in development) and geocode service (in development)
ArcGIS GeoEvent Server - for real-time data collection, geoenrichment and alerting
Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS - as a data viewer dashboard for analysts and decision-makers
Enterprise Geodatabases
ArcGIS API for JavaScript - Integrated into data collection for map display and geocoding (in development)
StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS - as basemap and geocoding locator (in development)
ArcGIS for Desktop - For analysis, management and QA/QC of incoming data

Development Team Biography

Jack Cibor (Mapping and Data Services Unit Manager) is the W/B HIDTA's resident geographer with 19 years of experience. He has been applying geospatial technologies to law enforcement as well as managing and analyzing crime data for W/B HIDTA for the last decade. He holds a Masters in GIS and a BS in Geography from UMBC.

Mike Hutton (senior architect) has been working with W/B HIDTA as a consultant (from MDH Software Development Inc.) for 17 years, specializing in deconfliction & case management applications.

Erik Shumaker is the manager of the Network Operations Center. Erik has designed, implemented and maintained W/B HIDTA's network for over 20 years.

Peggy Preston is an analyst at the W/B HIDTA, assigned to develop public health and public safety strategies for reducing overdoses in the region. She has used the Esri platform since 2005 to prepare geospatial analyses supporting complex impacts assessments and policy documents.

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