2010 ESRI International User Conference

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1. What is the meaning behind this year’s user conference theme, “Geography – Opening the World to Everyone”?

2. What are the benefits of GIS?

3. What GIS applications deliver the largest ROI?

4. What are the unique skills that GIS professionals provide?

5. What are the main green applications of GIS software?

6. What are the current trends in the GIS world and what is ESRI's strategy with respect to them?

7. How has GIS technology changed over the last few years?

8. How has GIS data changed over the last few years?

9. What impact is “neogeography” having on “traditional” GIS?

10. How will new collaborative tools change the way GIS is used?

11. Where is GIS technology heading in the next 10 years?

12. What is your view on moving GIS from the traditional GIS user community to the mainstream IT environment (like products such as SAP, RDBMS, and Web servers)?

13. Can you explain the concept of geographic knowledge as a type of infrastructure?

14. Is the vision of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) practical?

15. How can GIS users participate in volunteer efforts during emergency disasters and in humanitarian efforts?

16. How do GIS systems improve government transparency and accountability?

17. Are there any new areas where government agencies can apply for grants to develop and support their GIS?

18. How is GIS improving business processes?

19. Is there any resource available to help design and implement an enterprise GIS?

20. Does GIS have value for kids? What kinds of things do students, teachers, and administrators do with GIS?

21. Why do people relate to mapping and spatial analysis?

22. Is there a role for GIS facilities management?


1. What is ESRI’s history? Where are ESRI and GIS headed in the future?

2. In light of financial problems in other large corporations, what is the health of ESRI?

3. What is ESRI doing in social media?

4. How is ESRI going to compete with other companies providing free geospatial GIS software (i.e. Google)?

5. Does ESRI consider Google and Microsoft to be competitors?

6. What is ESRI's vision for Gov 2.0 and where it's going?

7. What are you doing to support K12?


1. When will ArcGIS 10 be available?

2. Will it be difficult to transition from ArcGIS 9.x to ArcGIS 10?

3. What changes will be necessary to my existing applications and data models to take advantage of the ArcGIS 10 release?

4. Will anything at ArcGIS 10 take away functionality that I already have?

5. What is ESRI doing to make ArcGIS easier to use and more accessible?

6. Are you making ArcGIS easier so that people with moderate technical skills can start using GIS?

7. What are templates?

8. Why is ESRI investing so much in creating templates?

9. How do you plan to integrate search with ArcGIS?

10. What new cartographic capabilities are available in ArcGIS 10?

11. What has ESRI done in the area of map books?

12. What is new for geocoding in ArcGIS 10?

13. What are layer packages? How can I share them?

14. What are map packages? How can I share them?

15. What is ArcGIS Mapping for SharePoint?

16. Are there any plans for ESRI to expand/enhance the ModelBuilder environment inside ArcGIS?

17. What is the arcpy.mapping Python module?

18. Will there be sessions at the conference on Python and how to use it?

19. Does ArcGIS 10 open up more functionality for use with Python?

20. Do any of the User Conference sessions cover animation in ArcGIS?

21. What is ESRI doing to better support time in ArcGIS?

22. Will you support the integration of building information models (BIMs) in ArcGIS?

23. What new functionality in ArcGIS 10 supports the work of scientists?

24. What is being done to support multi-scale mapping in ArcGIS 10?

25. What is ArcGIS Workflow Manager and how can I use it in my organization?

26. When will ESRI provide better multi language support for ArcGIS?

ArcGIS Desktop

1. With ArcGIS 10, how will I create automated processes within ArcGIS Desktop?

2. What has changed in the editing environment at ArcGIS 10?

3. Is there an easier way to find the symbol I want in ArcMap?

4. How will ArcGIS 10 map book application affect how I currently build map books?

5. How can I automate my map production workflows?

6. What are “add-ins” and how do I use them?

7. Will the draw performance of ArcMap improve at ArcGIS 10?

8. When will ArcGIS Desktop be able to take full advantage of the 64-bit operating systems?

9. What happens with ArcGIS Schematics at ArcGIS 10?

10. Can I open a map that was built using Maplex on a computer that does not have that extension enabled?

11. What new graphing capabilities will be available in ArcGIS 10?

12. What is ESRI doing to improve large format printing of maps?

13. Does ESRI have any tools for performing quality assurance/quality control on my GIS data?

14. Can I automatically detect errors in my data?

15. How does ArcGIS Data Reviewer help review crowd sourced data?

16. Are there any companies designing technology like COGO extensions for ArcGIS Desktop (e.g., land surveying and civil engineering toolsets)?

17. Does ArcGIS Desktop Support KML?

18. Is VBA supported with ArcGIS Desktop 10?

19. Will older versions of ArcGIS Desktop still be supported once ArcGIS 10 is released?

ArcGIS Server

1. What are the key new features of ArcGIS Server 10?

2. How can ArcGIS Server work with SharePoint?

3. What does the future hold for the Geoportal extension?

4. What licensing level is required for editing in the ArcGIS Server APIs?

5. Has support for ArcGIS Server on Linux improved?

6. How are ESRI users deploying ArcGIS Server?

7. I am an ArcIMS user. How can I migrate easily to ArcGIS Server?


1. What is the Community Basemap Program?

2. What data can I contribute to the Community Maps Program?

3. Does ESRI take ownership of my organization’s data?

4. Who owns the data that has been shared in ArcGIS Online?

5. When will ESRI strengthen the map content in ArcGIS Online outside of North America and Europe?

6. What is the story behind Microsoft Bing Maps and Google Maps/Earth integration with ArcGIS technology?

7. What is the licensing cost for including Bing maps or Google maps on my Web site?

8. What data products do you provide?

9. What distinguishes ESRI’s demographic data from other data vendors?

10. Is there a place for “crowdsourced” data in my “authoritative” GIS environment?

Data Management, Geodatabase

1. Has ESRI done anything about the schema locking problem?

2. When will ESRI support direct access to the spatial types within relational databases that are not geodatabases?

3. Will the geodatabase toolset become part of core ArcGIS Desktop?

4. I am interested in data storage formats. What format should I use when?

5. You seem to keep changing how you manage parcels. What is your direction for parcel management?

6. Will you support the integration of building information models (BIMs) in a geodatabase?

ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS.com

1. What is ArcGIS.com and how will I use it?

2. How can ArcGIS users make use of ArcGIS Online content and capabilities?

3. Are ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS.com closed communities?

4. Can ArcGIS Online be deployed behind my firewall? Can it be rebranded for my organization?

5. Why aren’t ArcIMS services supported in ArcGIS Online?

Spatial Analysis and Geoprocessing

1. What are the new capabilities in ArcGIS Spatial Analyst?

2. What are the improvements for geoprocessing?

3. How is ArcGIS being integrated with Python statistics packages?

Network Analysis and Modeling

1. What improvements have been made in Network Analyst?

2. When will I be able to dynamically update my road network?

ArcGIS Explorer

1. What is the role of ArcGIS Explorer in ArcGIS?

2. What are the new features of the next ArcGIS Explorer release?

3. What is the difference between ArcGIS Explorer and ArcGIS Explorer Online?

4. What are the characteristics of ArcGIS Explorer Online?


1. How do the ArcGIS Server Image Extension and image services improve at ArcGIS 10?

2. How has image visualization and analysis improved?

3. Does ArcGIS 10 have any new ways to manage very large volumes of imagery and raster data?

4. What is an ArcGIS mosaic dataset and what does it mean for me as a user?

5. What is ESRI doing with Lidar? How will it change GIS in the future?

6. Will ESRI implement a Lidar processing system?

7. What are some solutions for high-end image analysis on the desktop?

8. What are the options for capturing photogrammetric data in ArcGIS?

9. When will ESRI better support NITF?

10. How will ‘Imagery for the World’ be made available?


1. Are there new capabilities for 3D in ArcGIS 10?

2. When will the 3D Analyst functions that currently work on TINS and grids be made available for working with Terrains?

3. Can I edit features in 3D?

4. Do you have plans to improve how ArcGIS interoperates with other (non-ESRI) 3D software packages?

5. What is your strategy with respect to 3D virtual city databases?

6. Does ESRI plan to support 3D data capture? What about photogrammetry?


1. What are ESRI’S plans for Mobile?

2. Will ArcGIS be available for iPhone, iPad or other iOS devices?

3. Will ESRI support the Android phone?

4. How can I leverage ArcGIS Server to support mobile workflows?

5. Can ArcGIS Mobile integrate with ArcGIS Desktop? How is it licensed at ArcGIS 10?

6. How will mobile applications change the way GIS is used?

7. What is ESRI doing in the location-based services marketplace? Do you see your technology as having a strong competitive edge here?


1. Which ESRI technology should I use to support my Web mapping needs?

2. Which API should I use: JavaScript, Flex, or Silverlight?

3. What are ESRI's plans regarding HTML5?

4. What is the future of the Web ADF?

5. What is the future of ArcIMS?

6. Will we ever be able to mash up two or more tiled map services with different coordinate systems?


1. What’s new for ArcGIS Desktop developers?

2. How does ESRI support developers?

3. Is Visual Basic (VB) 6 supported with ArcGIS 10?

4. None of my custom developed extensions are showing up under Customize-> Extensions, yet all the ESRI extensions are there. Is there some new development process or different setting needed to make them show up?

Specialized GIS

1. What are ESRI’s solution software products?

2. What is new in ArcLogistics?

3. What is ESRI doing with dynamic segmentation for linear referencing of highway networks?

4. Are there any new updates to your business analysis products?

5. What is ESRI’s solution for users who want to do asset management?

6. Does ESRI have plans to build a redistricting application for ArcGIS?

7. What is Tracking Server and how can I use it in my organization?


1. What is ESRI doing to better support integration between CAD and ArcGIS?

2. What is ESRI doing to support the use of ArcGIS with AutoCAD?

Open, Interoperability, Standards, Metadata

1. Is ArcGIS open?

2. Does ESRI plan to release its REST API as open specifications? What does it mean?

3. Does ESRI support KML?

4. What efforts are being made to be interoperable with the Google Maps and Google Earth environments?

5. What functionality does the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension provide?

6. How does ArcGIS 10 improve support for metadata?

7. Does ArcGIS 10 support ISO 19115 and 19139 metadata standards?

8. With ArcGIS 10 can I publish my metadata to the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension?

9. How important do you feel metadata and metadata standards are going forward?

10. What is ESRI doing about metadata in its core products?

11. What is the current level of support for OGC and ISO TC211 standards? How does ESRI Support OGC and ISO TC211 as organizations?

12. How does ArcGIS 10 support OpenStreetMap?

13. How does ArcGIS support open source?


1. What is ESRI’s strategy for cloud computing?

2. Going forward, how will ESRI leverage the cloud?

3. What role can “The Cloud” play in my ArcGIS implementation?

4. Can I run ArcGIS Server in the cloud?

5. What is your relationship with Amazon Web Services? What services will they be offering to existing users?


1. Will ESRI support check out licensing of ArcGIS Desktop?

2. Is there an option to access ArcGIS licenses on my personal laptop or at home?

3. As GIS becomes more widespread across our organization, will there be new licensing options to lighten the financial investment?

4. I understand there are changes to the ArcGIS 10 licensing technology. How will this affect me?

5. Will ESRI provide more flexible, short-term licensing options for ArcGIS Server?

6. How will Customer Service activities change with the implementation of the new software licensing model at ArcGIS 10?

7. How will I get my keycodes in the future?

Support and Feedback

1. What are the key things you are doing to improve technical support?

2. How does ESRI solicit feedback from the user community regarding improvements to software development?

3. What happened to the ESRI’s Support Knowledgebase, Forums and Search for Technical articles in April?

4. How can I learn more about ESRI Support Services?

5. What did ESRI Support Services do to prepare for the ArcGIS 10 release?

6. What is the ArcGIS Resource Center?

7. I experienced some problems when I tried to access the ESRI Customer Care Web site to download and authorize ArcGIS 10. Have these problems been resolved?


1. Will ESRI support Apple's new iOS platform?

2. Will ESRI continue to support the Solaris platform?

3. How can I effectively utilize ESRI software in virtual environments?

4. What are ESRI’s plans for 64-bit native support?

5. Does ESRI have plans to support native Mac OS?

6. Can you describe how ESRI products can be deployed in virtualized environments such as Citrix?

7. Does ESRI intend to expand support for Linux OS to include desktop products?

8. Does ArcGIS support multi-core processors?

9. Are there any changes to the ArcGIS Desktop system requirements?


1. What are my options for learning ArcGIS 10?

2. How will ESRI support professional standing through certification?

3. I prefer instructor-led training but am not able to travel. What are my options?

4. My company’s training budget has been reduced drastically for the remainder of the year. How can we get the most training value for our GIS staff?

5. I am new to GIS and need guidance on which training to take. How can I determine which training is right for me?

6. Will there be any changes to the Learning Pathways program?

7. I’ve been hearing about ESRI training plans. What are they?

8. A new division of our organization is interested in GIS. Can you recommend how to get them training?

User Conference

1. What is the wireless accessibility of the San Diego Convention Center?

2. What is ESRI doing to be green at the User Conference?

3. What projects will be on display at the User Conference this year?

4. Can I get the User Conference agenda prior to the conference?

5. I am trying to connect with other people who are attending the UC. How can I find other attendees with similar interests to mine?

6. How does ESRI use the User Conference survey?