2011 Esri International User Conference

Q & A

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1. What is the meaning behind Esri's new tagline, "Understanding Our World?"

2. What are the current trends in the GIS world and what is Esri's strategy with respect to them?

3. What are the main business drivers for why GIS is so popular today?

4. Do you see Esri software becoming so easy to use that professional GIS people are edged out?

5. What is Esri doing to better connect GIS professionals with people who are interested in mapping and using the work of professional GIS environments?

6. How do GIS systems improve government transparency and accountability?

7. What are the major improvements in integration of business applications with GIS?

8. How can GIS users participate in volunteer efforts during emergency disasters and in humanitarian efforts?

9. How can GIS professionals better share their content and knowledge?

10. What does Esri think about GIS SaaS offerings?

11. How is ArcGIS Online useful to me as a traditional GIS user?

12. How is the open data movement affecting the GIS world? Where will it go in the future?

13. Is the vision of a spatial data infrastructure (SDI) practical?

14. Does GIS have value for kids? What kinds of things do students, teachers, and administrators do with GIS?

15. Can I outsource my GIS needs to Esri?

16. How can GIS help us understand the changes taking place on our planet?


1. Can you give an update on Esri's technical direction and strategy?

2. How is Esri doing?

3. Why should I use the Esri family of products? Why not Google Earth and Google Maps?

4. Why did Esri change the names of its products?

5. Is Esri working on simplifying end-user licensing for software products?

6. What is Esri’s position about open source and its products?

7. What is Esri doing in social media?

8. How is Esri supporting integration of building information models (BIMs)?

9. Is Esri planning an initiative to support GIS in the marine environment?

10. What are you doing to support K-12 schools?

11. How does Esri collaborate with partners?

12. What is happening in the Esri business partner program?

13. How will Esri make itself more visible to universities and institutions of higher learning in Africa and sub-Saharan countries?


1. What does it mean that ArcGIS is a complete system?

2. Can ArcGIS support embedded systems?

3. What are Esri’s plans for parcel management?

4. When will ArcGIS support integrated linear referencing?

5. Does Esri support any workflow management systems?

6. What is Esri’s strategy regarding Lidar and the integration of supporting tools within ArcGIS?

7. How is Esri supporting the integration between CAD and ArcGIS?

8. How can surveyors use ArcGIS?

9. What’s coming in ArcGIS 10.1 for surveyors?

10. When will ArcGIS support OGC’s web tiling service?

11. When will Esri provide full support for KML/KMZ?

12. Will ArcGIS support web-based geoprocessing services (WPS)?

13. How can I add spreadsheet data to my map?

14. I have seen some quality issues in 10. What is Esri doing to address them?

15. ArcGIS 10 seems slower than previous releases for some areas. Why?

16. What’s happening with cartographic enhancements in ArcGIS 10.1?

17. The integration of Python at 10.0 was great. What is Esri doing next?

18. Is Python a replacement for VBA?

19. What performance improvements are planned for Python in ArcGIS?

21. When is Esri planning to move to Python 3?

22. Can ArcGIS integrate with SharePoint?

23. What is Esri’s strategy with respect to support for Macs?

24. How can I effectively utilize Esri software in virtual environments?

25. Will ArcGIS run on Linux?

26. Is ArcGIS 10 Service Pack 2 available yet?

27. When can we expect the next release of ArcGIS?

28. How is Esri improving electronic dissemination and download of its software products?

29. Will 10.1 desktop and server clients be backward compatible with 9.3.1 geodatabases?

30. How do I transition to 10.1 without disrupting my current production workflows?

ArcGIS Desktop

1. What is the future of ArcGIS Desktop? Will it be replaced by ArcGIS Server?

2. What new features can we expect at ArcGIS Desktop 10.1?

3. I would like to use ArcView at home; does Esri offer a lower price version for me?

4. Why did Esri change the desktop editing environment with ArcGIS 10?

5. Will Esri continue to ship ArcInfo Workstation with the 10.1 release?

6. What is the data reviewer for QA/QC?


1. What is Esri’s strategy for cloud computing?

2. Going forward, how will Esri leverage the cloud?

3. What role can the cloud play in my ArcGIS implementation?

4. Can I run ArcGIS Server in the cloud?

5. What is your relationship with Amazon Web Services? What services will they be offering to existing users?

ArcGIS Server

1. How does ArcGIS Server 10.1 improve access to databases?

2. How is ArcGIS Server 10.1 more IT friendly?

3. Will ArcGIS Server Basic 10.1 allow me to publish maps on the web?

4. Does ArcGIS Server work with Microsoft SharePoint?

5. Will ArcGIS Server support deployments in Azure?

6. What happened to the ArcGIS Server Geoportal extension?

7. Will Esri release ArcIMS at version 10.1?


1. What are my options for deploying mobile GIS?

2. What is Esri’s strategy for releasing mobile products?

3. Does Esri plan to simplify the workflow for provisioning mobile projects to field devices?

4. When will ArcGIS for Windows Mobile support geometry editing?

5. Can I use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile and Windows Tablet with ArcGIS Desktop?

6. Does ArcGIS for Windows Mobile support high-accuracy GPS for data collection?

7. Why does the ArcGIS for Windows Mobile product have more functionality than the smartphone platforms?

8. How difficult is it for me to develop applications that will run on multiple mobile platforms?

9. How do I get my data on a smartphone/tablet device?

10. Will the smartphone/tablet technologies support offline usage?

11. When will the Android SDK and application be released?

12. Does Esri support the BlackBerry platform?

13. What resources are available for developing mobile applications?

14. What is Esri's strategy for supporting tablets?

ArcGIS Online

1. What is ArcGIS Online?

2. What are the capabilities of ArcGIS Online?

3. What will ArcGIS Online offer to ArcGIS users?

4. Can anyone use ArcGIS Online?

5. When will ArcGIS Online support WMS?

6. What is Esri doing to support geocoding worldwide?

7. Beyond providing the geocoding technology, will Esri provide ready-to-use locators?

8. Can I add, create, and manage feature layers in ArcGIS Online?

9. Will Esri be hosting GIS services for its users?

10. What are intelligent web maps? How do I use them?

11. What is the advantage of using intelligent web maps?

12. Will ArcGIS Online run on a private (classified and secure) network?

13. How will ArcGIS Online be sustainable? Who is paying for it?

14. How will improvements to ArcGIS Online be released?

15. Can I publish my imagery on ArcGIS Online?

16. Can I upload my imagery to ArcGIS Online?

17. I don’t have ArcGIS Server. Is ArcGIS Online still relevant to me?

18. What’s ahead for ArcGIS Explorer Online?


1. What data products do you provide?

2. What is the Community Maps Program?

3. What's new with the Esri Community Maps Program?

4. Who owns the data that has been shared in ArcGIS Online?

5. Esri just announced an Ocean Basemap. What is it?

6. How can the community play a role in improving ArcGIS Online basemaps?

7. What distinguishes Esri’s demographic data from other data vendors?

8. What is Esri's plan for providing enhanced global imagery worldwide?

9. What are the plans for enhancing the World Street Map?

10. What are the plans for the World Topographic Map?

11. When will Esri release data based on the 2010 Census?

12. How can I more effectively share data with the GIS community?

13. When will Esri strengthen the map content in ArcGIS Online outside of North America and Europe?

14. Can I access Community Analyst data using ArcGIS for Desktop?

15. I’d like to include my imagery in Esri’s imagery basemaps. Is that possible?

16. Are you still including the Data and Maps DVD set with ArcGIS software?


1. What are some of the enhancements to the geodatabase in ArcGIS 10.1?

2. Is Esri developing any procedures or tools to simplify geodatabase design?

3. Will Esri incorporate the Geodatabase Toolset (GDBT) into core at ArcGIS 10.1?

4. How has administration and management of multi-user geodatabases been enhanced?

5. When will ArcGIS support direct access to spatial DBMSs?

6. Will Esri support PostgreSQL 9 at 10.1?

7. Will Esri be supporting SQL Server Denali at 10.1?

8. Will Esri support Netezza’s TwinFin database at 10.1?

9. Administering my enterprise geodatabase can be difficult. Are there any tools coming that will help with this process?

10. We make use of topologies within our organization, but find it limiting because we cannot make schema updates without checking in all versions and then dropping and recreating the topology. When can we expect this to change?

11. Will forward compatibility be supported at ArcGIS 10.1?


1. What happened to FGDC metadata support in ArcGIS 10? It seems to be missing.

2. What are the new procedures for editing metadata in ArcGIS version 10?

3. Why am I running into problems importing, exporting, and upgrading my metadata in my enterprise data in ArcGIS 10?

4. Why can’t I enter some of my FGDC content in the new metadata editor?

5. Why was the traditional ArcGIS FGDC Metadata Editor included as an Add-in at 10?

6. How does ArcGIS Server 10.1 enhance support for metadata?

Spatial and Network Analysis

1. What are the key improvements of spatial analysis in ArcGIS 10.1?

2. What does sharing analysis mean in ArcGIS 10.1 and why would I use it?

3. What are the new capabilities in spatial statistics in ArcGIS 10.1?

4. What improvements have been made in the ArcGIS Geostatistical Analyst extension at 10.1?

5. What new resources from Esri Press provide guidance on conducting GIS analysis with ArcGIS?

6. How is the ArcGIS Network Analyst extension being enhanced?

7. What improvements are being made to geoprocessing in ArcGIS 10.1?

Image and Raster

1. Are there any further improvements coming regarding working with imagery?

2. What is the best way to manage imagery?

3. What is the best way to serve imagery?

4. Is Esri making large collections of Landsat data available?

5. Are there new raster analysis functions?

6. How does mosaicking work, and why should I care?

7. Is Esri going to provide tools for better use of oblique imagery?

8. How are users applying imagery in GIS?

10. My satellite imagery can be awkward to work with because it requires so many steps to see a good image. What is being done?

11. How does ArcGIS support radar imagery?

12. What new image processing capabilities are being added to ArcGIS?

13. How does Lidar play into your current image strategy?

14. I have unprocessed imagery files that I have collected. Can I send those raw images to Esri for publication?


1. What new capabilities are coming for 3D in ArcGIS 10.1?

2. How will Lidar data be supported in ArcGIS 10.1?

3. When will 2D and 3D viewing be integrated into a single application?

4. Is Esri going to support building interiors?

Specialized GIS

1. What is Community Analyst and how can I use it?

2. What is Business Analyst?

3. How can GIS departments take advantage of Business Analyst Online?

4. What is the status of Esri's transportation data model and support for linear referencing in ArcGIS?

5. What are Esri’s solutions for redistricting?

6. What is ArcLogistics and how can I use it?

ArcGIS Explorer Desktop

1. What is the role of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop in ArcGIS?

2. What are the new features of ArcGIS Explorer Desktop?

3. What is the difference between ArcGIS Explorer Desktop and ArcGIS Explorer Online?


1. Which API should I use: JavaScript, Flex, or Silverlight?

2. How realistic is web editing, and how do I handle connection issues while editing?

3. How is Esri planning to support HTML5?


1. How does Esri support developers?

2. Is VBA supported at ArcGIS 10.1?

3. What new developer technology is Esri releasing?

4. Will there be a shift away from developing APIs for desktop users and towards mobile users?

5. How do I migrate from the Web ADF to the new APIs?

6. What are Esri’s plans for compatibility between ArcGIS APIs and the Google Maps API?


1. Hundreds of water, wastewater and stormwater utilities face similar business issues. Can utilities and Esri work together to create common solutions and share them among the community?

2. Can you describe Esri’s efforts in building templates?

3. What is Esri doing to support land records?

4. What is ArcGIS for Local Government?

5. What are the benefits of ArcGIS for Local Government?

6. Does ArcGIS for Local Government incorporate content and cartography standards?

7. Why is Esri developing ArcGIS for Local Government and can Partners participate?

8. Why is the Local Government Information Model important?

9. Can ArcGIS for Local Government be localized and used in my country, or is it just for North America?

10. In the past, our maps were our creative outlets. With the introduction of the templates, this outlet has been removed. Would you care to comment?

Interoperability, Standards

1. Is ArcGIS open?

2. Does Esri plan to release its REST API as open specifications? What does it mean?

3. What is the current level of support for OGC and ISO/TC211 standards? How does Esri Support OGC and ISO/TC211 as organizations?

Support and Feedback

1. I work outside the United States and use my local Esri distributor for technical support. What is Esri doing to standardize its support worldwide?

2. I've heard numerous mentions of the ArcGIS Ideas portal. What is this?

3. I've heard Esri Technical Support has gotten better; what have you done to make this happen?

5. Does Esri staff contribute to the User Forums?

6. What is the best way to give feedback to Esri about ArcGIS?

7. I’d like help in the implementation and operation of my GIS. What options are available to me?


1. How does Esri support professional standing through certification?

2. Does Esri see a value in GISP certification?

3. What are my options for learning ArcGIS 10?

4. What happened to Virtual Classroom training? Is it still available?

5. My company’s training budget has been reduced drastically. How can we keep current and get the most training value for our GIS staff?

6. I am new to GIS and need guidance on which training to take. How can I determine which training is right for me?

7. I'm a GIS manager and I'm having trouble selling executives on my staff training budget. Do you have any tips for how I can make them see the value of training and GIS in general?

8. A new division of our organization is implementing the ArcGIS system. Can you recommend how to get them training?