2009 ESRI International User Conference

Q & A


Q: Will VB6/VBA be supported in the future?

As of March 2008, VB6 is no longer supported by Microsoft.  Therefore, ESRI will not be releasing a VB6 SDK and will not support VB6 at the ArcGIS 9.4 release. We encourage developers to migrate their projects and code to the most recent version of Microsoft Visual Studio and the .NET framework. To help with this transition, we will offer a session called Migrating VBA/VB6 ArcObjects Applications to .NET at this year’s User Conference on Wednesday, July 15 from 10:15AM-11:30AM.  In this session, developers will be introduced to design practices, tools, tips and tricks, and self-help resources to help make this transition possible.

Since the release of ArcGIS 8, ESRI has supported the VBA programming language, and it is currently supported with ArcGIS 9.3.1. With the release of ArcGIS 9.4, ESRI will no longer recommend VBA as a programming language for extending ArcGIS Desktop applications. Although we will still support VBA for legacy code and applications, ESRI encourages developers to use a .NET-based language such as C# or VB.NET for extending ArcGIS Desktop applications.