2012 Esri International User Conference

Q & A


Q: What is next after 10.1?

ArcGIS will continue to evolve as an integrated system with emphasis in four areas, the desktop, the server, mobile and online environments. For the desktop, our next big release will be version 11 with significant refresh of all the desktop applications. Big enhancements will include much faster 2D and 3D display, multi-threaded processing, and a 64-bit architecture.

In the short term, Esri will continue releasing desktop service packs focused primarily on quality enhancements.

On the server side, users can look forward to periodic releases, extending and building on the 10.1 release and architecture. These will happen several times a year. The focus of these releases will be tighter integration with ArcGIS Online, quality enhancements, and focused new functionality. Also, the product known as “Portal for ArcGIS” will be integrated with ArcGIS for Server. Related to this will be enhancements to web and mobile apps along with corresponding SDKs for developers to extend these apps and to create their own apps. These releases will evolve incrementally as we see changes and new innovation enhancements in hardware and operating systems.

In the online environment, we will continue to update the system with more content, more templates, and enhanced functionality in the areas of authentication/single sign-on, security, and implementation of geoprocessing and advanced GIS functionality in the cloud (i.e., spatial analytics and data management).

Users will also see continued progress in a “one user experience” for all of the different ArcGIS devices, products, and applications.

Users will see major development work on 3D functionality. This will include new functionality added from CityEngine that will make it possible to create intricate 3D buildings and easily publish them to the web and view/edit them on mobile devices.

Other enhancements will continue the progress in 3D analytics and additional 3D editing technology for easily creating and editing 3D data models (multi-batch environments).