2021 SAG Award Winners

Quezon City Government

Project Goal

We are currently in the fourth Phase Project which is a continuation of the City Assessor Office’s (CAO) Enhanced Tax Mapping System Project Phase 3 and Phase 2, and the Map Linking and Spatial Analysis Project (Phase 1) implemented in 2019, 2012 and 2006, respectively.

The goal of this project is to continuously improve and innovate CAO’s processes by upgrading the current setup of the eTAXMAPS software environment from ArcGIS version 10.6 to 10.8.1. Installing additional desktop GIS software for Property Appraisal Division (PAD) users. Initial updating of the parcels using technical description in Parcel Fabric, encoding attributes of building using building footprints from Department of the Building Official (DBO) and plotting of machinery using existing machinery records. We will also have additional applications for the City Assessor’s Office (CAO) users and public real property owners, thru the Quezon City Real Property Viewer (QCRPV) thus, promoting government transparency.
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Business Problem Solved

The Quezon City Assessors Office (CAO) has consistently aimed to strengthen and innovate their workflows with the E-Tax Maps Projects since 2006. After research and verification of records, as well as cleansing of the database done during Phase 2, all parcels had land tax declaration records and the number of parcels increased to 1301. With the eTAXMAPS already in place, the tax mapping update in the City Assessor’s Office has improved and resulted in increase in the tax assessment and collection from real properties.

Technology Implemented

In Phase 1, a Pilot Study was conducted to one of its barangays which revealed problems/issues in the linkage of the parcel database and the tax declaration records database for land and for buildings of CAO.
This led to the implementation of Phase 2 which aimed to systematize the updating, enhancement, and maintenance of the tax maps in CAO. It provided an enhanced tax mapping system (eTAXMAPS) through the deployment of CAO’s Enterprise GIS. This included the acquisition of GIS software licenses and build-up of CAO’s parcel map for 141 barangays in reference to satellite and aerial imagery. Web-based apps were also deployed for different divisions in CAO. This system was continuously upgraded in Phase 3, which resulted to the improved functionalities of all the deployed applications/services.
To continuously improve CAO’s processes, Phase 4 will utilize Field Maps and Survey123 for property appraisal and assessment. Another App will also be deployed for public property owners’ access

Development Team Biography

The eTAXMAPS GIS Phase 4 Quezon City Project Team is headed by GIS Enthusiast Atty. Sherry R. Gonzalvo, City Assessor, with her Project Manager, Ms. Priscela B. Verzonilla, who has been part of the projects since Phase 1. They are also supported by Mr. Yoel M. Tecson & Engr. Jessie G. Avellano, Assistant Project Mgrs. Constant advice are being provided by these Project Advisers namely: Engr. Pelilia M. Landayan, Arch. Delfin G. Torres Jr and Mr. Paul Rene S. Padilla, & his team from Quezon City Information Technology Development Department.
Part of this awesome project team are the equally champion team leaders. Mr. Salvador G. Urbi II as the head of Data Development Team. Mr. Albert Donato O. Laude as head of the Application Development Team. Ms. Ricardo B. Masesar as the head of the Training and Change Management Team. Mr. Fructoso R. Silva as the Head of the Technical Support Team. Of course, the only lady among the team leaders, Ms. Violeta V. Agustin as the Head of the Account Ma