2021 SAG Award Winners

Ministry of Justice

Project Goal

The Real Estate Registration Department of the Ministry of Justice in the State of Qatar is a service window for citizens of Qatar that provides management of real estate registration transactions, which include the following types of registration: -
1- New registration (Real Estate Registration Committee)
2- New registration without inspection
3- (GL- New registration of government Parcel)
4- A new registration for a dummy parcel.

It includes real estate change transactions such as:
1- Parcel Cancellation
2- Merge transaction
3- Split Transaction
4- Split & Merge Transaction
5- Regulatory Modification

The employees of the Real Estate Registration Department conduct the real estate registration process through a system called "SAK" which contains a workflow with various steps from receiving an application to a registration transaction at the main office until submitting the application to the customer service centers or at the main office of the Ministry of Justice.
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Business Problem Solved

The REGIS Application (reengineering & upgrade of property registration system), offers a single seamless application, which integrates with multiple systems to manage various real estate registration transactions. It provides interface for internal stakeholders and public users to register, process, update, store, search and fetch Real Estate information.

The Real Estate Registration Department of the Ministry of Justice in Qatar has two departments as follow: -
1- Registration Department
2- Survey Department

Registration Department: receives and accepts real estate registration requests and issues the Parcel registry through its customer center service

Survey Department: examines the registration application process through the "SAK" system, the mapping system and the preparation of the Parcel plan.

Technology Implemented

ESRI ARCGIS version 10.7.1

The REGIS application:
• Delivers an integrated system interface, avoiding switch between various systems
• Utilizes the latest versions of ArcGIS to take advantage of the latest improvements and new features
• Provides a portal to the public and the internal system of the Ministry of Justice to search and fetch real estate Parcel information using various criterion.
• Integrates the SAK workflows and ArcGIS Mapping systems, by providing a seamless interface/ mechanism for fetching, processing and updating transactions and inspection details.
• Integrates the ArcGIS enterprise mapping system with ECM system for fetching, updating and saving the Parcel plans

Development Team Biography

-Mr. Khalid Mohammed Amin Ibrahim

-Mr. Mansoor Mahmood Alsaadi Alyafei
Assistant Director

-Mr. Hussain Al-Qahtani
Head of Application and Development Section

-Eng. Moines Elshafey
GIS Engineer, GIS Project Manager

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