2023 SAG Award Winners

PETRONAS (Petroliam Nasional Berhad)

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Project Goal

The objective of Explore on the Go (EOTG) is to improve data management and collaboration in PETRONAS exploration by providing a centralized location for exploration project and databases access that are in geospatial format (single source of truth).
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Business Problem Solved

The business case for EOTG is rooted in the increasing importance of GIS technology in the oil and gas exploration. By improving data management and collaboration, GIS systems like EOTG can help companies make better-informed decisions, increase efficiency, and streamline workflows.

Technology Implemented

1. ArcGIS Portal 10.9.1
2. ArcGIS Pro 2.6, ArcMap 10.8.1 and 10.6

Development Team Biography

1) Exploration Geoscientist:
Peter Abolins (SME & Custodians of Petroleum System Modelling)
Michael Nosiara (SME and Specialist Petroleum Geoscience) Dayang Hasspariah Bt. Sapri (SME and Principal Stratigraphy) Fatin Tasnim Bt Baharuddin (Executive Geoscience)
Aliff Adam B Zulkifli (Executive Geoscience)

2) Geospatial Data Team :
Mohamad Zahari B Mokhtar (SME and Head- Geospatial Data), Mohd Rashid Bin Mohd Aminuddin (Exec Focal)

3) Geomatic team :
Afiq B Juazer Rizal (SME and Executive Geoinformation) Saiful Nizam B Mustafa (SME and Head Geomatics)