2023 SAG Award Winners


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Project Goal

Tax Monitoring Dashboard allow MBSA management to monitor the total daily collected tax and total uncollected tax which will help the management to understand which sections giving higher tax and which areas needed help to improve the collections.

License Monitoring Dashboard allow MBSA management to hoverview of the entire Shah Alam business license and total fees collected to provide a better visualization of license payment status span across the Shah Alam in a map. Monitoring on the status with any devices, any where and anytime will help to speed up decision making.

Valuation Monitoring Dashboard provide an overview on the operational side and total number of incoming valuation cases to track numbers of appeal cases and identify the illegal and unvalued property.

e-DisKM Web Aplication platform provides a self assesment tool for development plan submitted through online checking tools provided to reduce time spent for manual checking and improved internal workflow
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Business Problem Solved

1. Identifying overlapping site locations
2. Monitoring tax and license implementation under MBSA’s administrative area
3. Providing more thorough and integrated data that can assist executive departments through a more systematic mapping display
4. Minimise the effects of work that crosses departmental boundaries
5. Realtime Information and Data of landuses need to compared to manual process
6. Data anlysis can be done before enforcement at site which reduce posibility of validation on every premises manually on the ground by Enformenct officer
7. Driving the council towards the development of smart data and smart city goal achievement for Shah Alam.

Technology Implemented

1. ArcGIS Enterprise Standard 4 Cores & 8 Cores
2. ArcGIS Enterprise Creator
3. ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Server Enterprise Standard 8 Cores
4. ArcGIS Desktop Standard
5. ArcGIS Data Interoperability for Desktop

Development Team Biography

Shah Alam City Council
1. Planning Department
- TPr. Nurul Sheema Abdul Rahman- Deputy Director
- Nur Syadwan Yahsan – Town Planner
- 10 Technical Assistant/GIS Speacialist

2. Information and Technology Section
- Noraziah Masara - Programmer
- Asmaniza Adzmi – Assistant Programmer

3. Finance Department
- Khairul Adila Jamaluddin - Accountant
- Rosliza Ahmad - Assistant Administrative Officer

4. Assesment and Property Management Department
- Maysarah Mohd Yusuf – Assessment Officer
- Ahmad Syahir Shahrir - Assistant Assessment Officer

5. Licencing Department
- Asmani smail – Licencing Officer

ESRI Malaysia and Statworks as partner
1. Chong Kok Fei, Project Manager
2. Zeon Low, Sales Manager
3. Ade Arieff Bin Jobin, Sales Manager
4. Ethan Chen, Solution Consultant
5. Izzatunnasiri Islam Ab Rahman, Project Team Leader
6. Fatin Farzana Abdilah, Consultant
7 Noor Syazana Binti Md. Yusof, Consultant
8. Benjamin Au Wen Wei, Consultant