2023 SAG Award Winners

Lockheed Martin Corporation

Project Goal

The mission of the Lockheed Martin Global Emergency Operations Center (GEOC) is to deliver innovative global threat intelligence and analysis capabilities, crisis management communications, coordination, and collaboration services across the enterprise. The GEOC provides proactive and timely global monitoring and crisis management solutions to key decision-makers and stakeholders. The goal of our ESRI project was to create a situational awareness tool, leveraging ESRI technology that our staff could use on a 24/7 basis to accomplish our mission.

Business Problem Solved

Our operations center can now easily integrate more publicly available information to provide additional context and situational awareness to our stakeholders. Open-source data layers have been made accessible within the solution, through ESRI's ArcGIS Online library. These data layers come in many shapes and forms, from evacuation zones, to updated imagery of places affected by major events, to global infrastructure, to the strength and track of a hurricane making landfall. The application created allows users to geographically visualize all these data in relation to Lockheed Martin assets.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise, ArcGIS Pro, Web AppBuilder, GeoEvent

Development Team Biography

Brian Haines – Staff Software Engineer, 27 years. As the lead software engineer, Brian developed applications to integrate data from multiple sources. This data is visualized in the application showcasing the power of mapping technology.

Julie Carraway – Staff Database Engineer and Data Architect, 18 years. Julie’s extensive experience in database design and automating data relationships led the systems team is designing a data warehouse that powers the GIS platform.

David Wittmann – Senior Systems Engineer and Application Administrator, 7 years. Utilizing David’s creativity and out of the box approach he led the administration and development of visualizing data (ArcGIS Pro) and generating data sets (GeoEvent) for use within the application.

Amanda Haas – Senior Manager Systems Integration, 17 years. Led the discovery, design, and implementation of the ESRI based solution. Extensive experience with GIS technology and data integration.