2023 SAG Award Winners

Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department ENHD

Project Goal

Development of the thematic National Marine Spatial Data Infrastructure of Egypt (NMSDI) in support of improving resource management and quality of decision-making.
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Business Problem Solved

Having a clear understanding of how our organisation will utilize EG-NMSDI using Esri cutting edge technology to improve resource management and decision-making. conseqently, having a successful transition from traditional hydrographic office to a modern Hydrospatial agency.

ENHD has established a Strategic Implementation Plan SIP to ensure consistent and seamless implementation steps.
these steps cover a range of aspects, including:
• stakeholder engagement;
• resource allocation;
• data theme definition and prioritization;
• Standards to be used in data and metadata;
• technology selection;
• policy development and;
• monitoring and evaluation.

A planning support concept (PSC) has also been developed to provide a structured approach to ensuring that all steps in the SIP are executed in a prioritised, effective, and timely manner.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Maritime server
ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced
ArcGIS Desktop Basic Single Use
ArcGIS Server Basic Up to Four Cores License
ArcGIS Desktop Standard Upgrade from ArcGIS Desktop Basic Single Use
ArcGIS Server Advanced Up to Four Cores Upgrade from ArcGIS GIS Server Basic
esri image analyst extension
esri spatial analyst extension
esri 3d analyst extension
esri network analyst extension
esri data reviewer extension

Development Team Biography

Commander/Hassan El-Halawany "Project Lead"
Engineer/ Shehab Ahmed "Project coordinator"
Commander/Karam El-Beltagy
Commander/Moustafa Nasr
Commander/Ashraf Koura
lieutenant Commander/Omar Makboul
lieutenant/ Moahmed Hassan
Engineer/ Ramez Saied