2023 SAG Award Winners

Ministry of Manpower (MOM) and World Food Programme (WFP)

Project Goal

To improve the quality of the decision-making process in labor and employment and enhance the quality of provided public services through digital solutions according to the Egyptian governance policy and Egypt sustainable development strategy 2030.
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Business Problem Solved

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) faced a significant problem: the lack of a decision support system, as we used to have different databases issuing traditional reports. But through GIS we managed to build a consolidated dashboard that covers the ministry’s activities with geographical dimension and make it easier to monitor the ministry’s KPIs instantly

Technology Implemented

the site, dashboard, webmap, survey 123, experience builder, storymap

Development Team Biography

MOM team:

Ms. Amaal Abdel Mawgoud Hussein- Head of international relations dept.
Eng. Khaled Radwan -Minister'sAdvisor
Ms. Rasha Abdel Baset- Director General of Regional and int. Dpt.

WFP team :
Menna Anwar- Programm Policy officer
Aya Amr- GIS specialist assigned to Ministery

QSIT Team:
Mohamed Hawash- Project Manager
Aliaa Usama- enterprise teamleader
Islam Hussein-system developer