2023 SAG Award Winners

Ghana Water Company Limited

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Project Goal

The goal of the Project was to digitize the processes involved in the application for water service connection to individual premises. The project sought to significantly reduce if not completely remove bottlenecks associated with such applications for water access. It also aimed at solving inherent challenges associated with customer account number assignment within the existing billing system.
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Business Problem Solved

The project has immeasurable benefits with immediate impacts that include: 1. A shortened water service application process through digitization, reducing stress associated with water access for customers. 2. Data sharing and transparency within relevant departments involved in the process, enabling quick completion of the process. 3. Web-based application reducing face-to-face interactions, minimizing possible corruption and other related acts. 4. Locating customers during and after processing made easy with a management system in place, reducing illegal connections and other illegalities. 5. Managing customer numbers and billing routes efficiently, removing the challenge of duplication with consideration to location information. 6. Replace manual system (pen and paper) with a digital environment and workflow where necessary.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Workforce, ArcGIS Dashboards on Enterprise, ArcGIS Field Maps, ArcGIS Survey123

Development Team Biography

Ghana Water Company Limited:
David N.O. Nunoo (Manager GIS & Hydraulic Network Modeling), Michael Nyoagbe (Snr. GIS Officer) Jeff Opoku-Gyambibi (Snr. GIS Officer) Felix Amonteba Petio (Asst. GIS Officer), Francisca Ameley Gyimah (Asst. GIS Officer)

Vera Karas (Project Manager), Jan Creupelandt (GIS Expert), Jelmer Akkerman (GIS Expert)