2023 SAG Award Winners

Philadelphia Fire Department and Philadelphia Fire Department

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Project Goal

There wasn't one project, but more so an overall digital transformation of the Philadelphia Fire Department to get away from paper and into digital data collection. Leveraging ESRI’s offerings we were able to take data that was traditionally collected through pdfs/word documents and never looked at again and make it visible, accessible, and usable in decision-making processes. A few of our successful projects which prompted our nomination for this SAG are below:

FIRE (Fire Incident Residential Estimate) Model- using departmental and publicly available property data we were able to create a model to estimate the financial savings due to Fire Department intervention.

FMO Investigation Workbook - created a suite of solutions for our Fire Marshal's Office to collect, analyze, and share data previously collected on paper.

Leave Behind Narcan – created a suite of solutions for our EMS personnel to collect and track leave behind narcan nasal spray for grant requirements.

Business Problem Solved

Our department is 150 years old and we collect thousands of pieces of data a day whether it's through the incidents our members respond to or through their other community interactions. A lot of this data is collected on paper and then stored away in boxes to never be used or looked at again. Over the years we have worked to make these paper processes digital and have seen incredible success and buy-in from an organization (and industry as a whole) that struggles with change. We have been able to help support the department during budget requests and grant proposals through the data that we are now collecting digitally. From Hydrant inspections that now trigger invoices to our water department and daily member accountability tracking to fire marshal investigations and departmental unit websites to better organize and share data, we are working to bring our organization into the 21st century.

Technology Implemented

ArcServer, Survey123, Operations Dashboard, Report Builder, and Experience builder are the key tools we used for a majority of our applications. The capabilities and customization offered through Survey123 Connect was a game changer for us and allowed for more flexibility with the solutions we could offer, especially with functionality leveraged through PowerAutomate.

Development Team Biography

Andrew Newell, Senior GIS Project Manager
Been with the Philadelphia Fire Department for 5 years and with the City of Philadelphia since 2014, with the Streets and Licenses & Inspections Departments. Holds a master's degree in GIS from the University of Maryland and is working on his MBA from the University of Illinois.

Alexander Cottone - Lead GIS Analyst
Has been a part of the Philadelphia Fire Department since 2019 and has been a part of or led a majority of projects the unit has implemented. Alec is currently working towards his master's degree in City and Regional Planning from Temple University.

Preston Smith - Lead GIS Analyst
Recently joined the department, the GIS unit, a little less than a year ago and has been taking on the project lead responsibilities for many of our new projects and initiatives.