2023 SAG Award Winners

Essbio-Nuevosur and Essbio-Nuevosur

Project Goal

Deploy a brand new GIS Solution for supporting our decisions while operating a big water and wastewater company. Our old GIS solution, was based on out of date Esri products (ArcGIS 9.3 on ist core) and it was hard to take full advantage of current platforms potential. The goal was to transit to updated versions while keeping up our services, and improve accesibility to our data.
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Business Problem Solved

Improve spatial data availability for decision makers. Let non expert users to keep and share their own business data to a broader audience in areas such as Risk an Emergency Management, Customer Complaints, Planning, among others. Facilitate asset management based on a networks and subnetworks tiers approach. Last but no least, the project will make easier to produce summary and detailed reports for responding to regulatory requirements.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro for our Desktop Users, including data editing for expert and non expert GIS users along the company. On the server side we deploied ArcGIS Enterprise and Portal for ArcGIS to enable our Services throught the organisation, Utility Network for modelling our Water and Wastewater assets, and Workforce for capturing some of our clients location. Finally, we deploied Spatial Analyst extension for desktop users.

Development Team Biography

- Evelyn Briones, chief of GIS Department
- Rodrigo Aros, GIS Specialist
- 17 business leaders along the organisation
- 3 Information Technology support
- collaboration with Esri Chile Professional Services