2023 SAG Award Winners

National Space Science Agency

Project Goal

1. To reduce carbon emissions and to achieve global climate security.

2. To help the relevant entities which are responsible to quadruple the number of mangroves in Bahrain by 2035 to achieve the target which was set by HRH the Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Bahrain during his speech at COP26 by considering carbon removal solutions.

3. To provide these entities with accurate and recent information about the location of mangroves and its areas by monitoring mangroves using satellite technologies.

4. To reduce the initial time-consuming procedures and to reduce the man-power efforts for increasing mangroves so the target can be achieved smoothly without any barriers.
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Business Problem Solved

Mangroves have been scientifically proven to have an important role in reducing harmful emissions into the environment such as carbon, in addition to providing a fertile environment for the breeding of fish, crabs and shrimps, being a food source rich in nutrients and forming safe breeding areas for many types of fish and shellfish. The root system of the mangrove tree is characterized by its ramifications and hardness, which contributes to the permanent stability of the coasts and protects marine organisms in shallow waters from the negative effects of the sun's ultraviolet rays, as well as contributes to protecting the coasts from erosion. By applying this project which helps in preserving mangroves, we can secure the natural food source and have clean non-polluted air, therefore, saving the environment. Due to the importance of mangroves from environmental perspectives and their various economic uses.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS pro, a spatial analysis software that has many useful extraction tools which help to provide highly accurate geographic information.

Development Team Biography

Aysha Alhajeri, a Senior Space Data Analyst at the National Space Science Agency, the Kingdom of Bahrain which works in the satellite imageries and data analysis lab, analyses data from satellite imageries and contributes to producing multi-useful projects that serve the needs of different governmental and private entities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
In addition, Aysha has different specialized certificates such as in Geoinformatics, Space Technologies, Cartography, Remote Sensing, and its applications from top-ranked universities worldwide. Moreover, Aysha has won many awards between the three first places during her career life, by participating in local and international hackathons or events with a focus on space technologies solutions.