2023 SAG Award Winners

Presco Plc

Project Goal

The AIMS project - Agricultural Information Management System - is envisioned to support decision-making in the context of 50 000 ha of tropical plantations management (oil palm & rubber). It aims to provide daily visual information in term of organization, agronomic characteristics, tree census, production, budgets, KPIs, workforce, nutrition, costs, phyto-surveillance, traceability, heavy-duty and ESG efforts. By integrating data from different sources (ERP, mobile, drone) into analytical processes, the project will translate in better performance assessment and overall optimization of our operations, resulting in cost and time saving. Being embedded in our company intranet, it also ensures easy access to spatial information to all managers
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Business Problem Solved

Automation : Reports were done manually, causing delays and errors.
Collaboration : GIS technicians struggled to work and share analyses from different countries.
Visualization : Reports were not displayed on dynamic maps and charts.
Data integrity : Lack of data visualization provoked lack of data quality control.
Accessibility : ERP was not user-friendly and was not centralized in the cloud.
Harmonization & integration : Multiple data silos and standards were co-existing.
Analytics : Reports were focusing on financial aspects only.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online - Hosting, sharing, management (public)
ArcGIS Entreprise - Hosting, sharing, management (private)
ArcGIS Dashboard - Production of dozens of dashboards
ArcGIS Experience Builder - Adaptation to mobile screens and intranet
ArcGIS Field Maps - Mobile data collection (outgrowers, ecoguards, surveyors)
ArcGIS WebApp Builder - Custom and specific applications
ArcGIS Survey123 - Socio-economic surveys
ArcGIS StoryMaps - Story-telling & virtual tour
ArcGIS Pro & Image Analyst – Data analytics

Trees counting from drone orthomosaics with Ecognition Oil Palm
Data integration with FME Desktop (ESRI version)
Intranet with Happeo

Development Team Biography

Project Leader - Arnaud Leidgens (Group GIS & Land Use Manager)
Project team - Timothy Ojamiruaye (GIS Officer)
Project team - Reinout Impens (Group R&D Manager)
Project team - Ganesan (Chief Agric Officer)
Project team - Samuel Davis Osasumwen (PRS Officer)

Support - Stephen Peprah (Chief Agric Officer)
Support - Seth Kotey (Surveyor)
Support - Eugene Dassah (Group ERP Manager)
Support - Stijn Vanderstraeten (Management Information System)
Support - Gerald Ray (Chief Operating Officer)
Support - Felix Nwabuko (Managing Director)
Support - Mano Demeure (Chief Business Development Officer)
Support - Jan Van Eykeren (Chief Executive Officer)