2023 SAG Award Winners

Barbados Lands & Surveys Department

Project Goal

(1) The creation and utilization of a Barbados Building Identifier (BBID) to provide a unique identification of all building structures on the island.

(2) Creation of the Barbados GeoPortal. This portal is a first for Barbados and creates a single point of reference for all geospatial data for the island of Barbados.

(3) The creation of a National Digital Parcel Fabric (NDPF) which is a digital representation of all land parcels for the island of Barbados.
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Business Problem Solved

(1) The ability to find houses and varying locations is enhanced significantly through the use of the Barbados Building Identifier (BBID). It will be utilized especially in the case of the postal service and eventually be extended to agencies involved in emergency services and other location services on the island.

(2) The GeoPortal creates a centralized location for access to data from various entities.

(3) The National Digital Parcel Fabric (NDPF) serves as the underlying data for taxation purposes, land information analysis and economic development.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online: Web Experience, Web Mapping App, ArcGIS Studio, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS StoryMaps.

Development Team Biography

This team has been creating GIS tools and services for various Government Agencies, and private entities seeking to enhance the spatial capacity of the island of Barbados. The team includes the following:
Kyle Nero, Anas Lunat, Paul Collymore, Michelle St.Clair,
Justin Alleyne, Peter Edwards, Mkama Peters, Leandre Murrell-Forde, Kevin Belgrave, Sammuel Taylor, Barry Haynes, Alex Chandler, Camille Belgrave, Michael Banfield, Anderson Alleyne, Roslyn Greenidge, Margaret Kellman, Edwin Lawrence, Patrick Blackman, Sandra Cumberbatch, Aston Larrier, Kim Bynoe, Detroy Inniss, Mark Stuart, Everton Sargeant, John Straker, Jamila McCarthy and David McCollin