2023 SAG Award Winners

Corps grand-ducal d'incendie et de secours CGDIS

Project Goal

CGDIS identified the need for a comprehensive GIS that would support this young organization in its operational and administrative tasks.
Three main problems had to be resolved. First of all, there was no dedicated system that covered all the firefighter's and emergency responder's different needs, which means that they used multiple websites and systems to gain intelligence on operation areas. However, these systems all coexisted side by side, so that the main capacity of superposing different layers lacked. Secondly, relevant infrastructural data on like water lines, hydrants and gas supply was not centralized and readily available. Thirdly, rich in-house databases on our equipment had to be visualized in a geographic context to further enhance their status.
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Business Problem Solved

The main accomplishment of setting up a unique, powerful and comprehensive GIS, is that it facilitates and supports numerous activities of CGDIS, be it operational or administrative.
Firefighters can gain intelligence on their districts, when viewing predefined thematic maps on water supply, including hydrants or trafficability of forest tracks for example. Executive staff can estimate the number of affected people in a certain area and visualize orthophotos kept by drones, stitched with Drone2Map and published to Portal. Using dashboards, management can easily get key metrics in order to make strategic decisions based on geospatial knowledge.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise (Sites, Web Appbuilder, Experience Builder, Story Maps, Survey123, Dashboards)
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Arcade
ArcGIS Drone2Map

Development Team Biography

Ltn. Gilles Lavandier - Head of service Cartography and analysis
Carsten Berens - GIS Specialist
Claire-Marie Schnitzler - Specialist
Christine Fosty - GIS Specialist