2023 SAG Award Winners

Muscat Municipality

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Project Goal

Etamid platform is a digital solution to issue Non Objection Certification (NOC) for all excavation services for utilities connection of different type of projects, outside the plot boundary within Muscat Governorate.


The platform is up and running since 13 months till date (Go-Live was on March, 2022), led to optimization of issuing the NOC, of all national projects within Muscat, from 8-6 months into 6-9 days, and increase the revenue for Muscat Governorate by 2% from NOC services at the first Go-Live year.
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Business Problem Solved

Etamid Platform optimizes NOC workflows among 12 government entities/departments & provides decision-making solutions based on GIS analysis through Geo-Hub concept t,developed on top of the latest Esri technology.Muscat Municipality(MM) connected more than 12 entities/departments with live-map into Centralized one.Applicants can upload their excavation route in AutoCAD format & the system superimposes the route on the centralized map of MM,enabling entities to see related planned & actual networks on top of the centralized GIS map.The entity can perform GIS analysis,e.g: excavation route depth/length vs nearest telecom cabinet,intersected electricity high voltage lines with suggested excavation route.Entity can make instant decision & applicant are notified by SMS/email,supported with remarks on the map showing where the route should be changed to & why.All entities will be informed of application's status & decision.Etamid utilizes all secure services published by the Omani Government

Technology Implemented

1-Portal for ArcGIS, using Esri WebApp builder to develop the main application with analytical tools and dashboard integrated with Oracle ADF/BPM, and develop the API integration services.
2-ArcGIS Pro to publish the map services
3-ArcGIS for AutoCAD extension to make sure that all contractor templates as per GIS standard and eNOC template
4-ArcGIS server/SDE to implement the Geo-Hub solution among entities and develop the integration services.

Development Team Biography

Muscat Municipality with different champions from the following departments: GIS, Technical Studies and IT team. Huda Al Afifi was leading this initiative, Huda is the GIS manager in Muscat Municipality and she has a proven record in implementing solutions using ArcGIS varies from field inspection, to statistical dashboards and analysis on top of Esri technology.

Huda collected the requirements, unified the entities rules and regulation and was responsible on the governance with 12 entities/departments involved in this solution, directly leading the requirements and optimization of NOC workflows, as well as supervise/test and accept the implemented solution done by the subcontract: Khatib and Alami. Huda is now leading the operational support and maintenance of Etamid platform for more than a year.