2023 SAG Award Winners

Sociedad de Productores Forestales

Project Goal

After the devastating effects of wildfires that occurred in Uruguay in the summer of 2021, the SPF set as a goal for the next summer season to design and develop its own wildfire response management system, with the objective of reducing detection, response, and extinction times, while recording relevant data to build KPIs that allow for continuous improvement of wildfire combat.
The SPF trusted GIS development company ICA with the development of the project. The state-of-the-art solution integrates multiple sources of information, such as surveillance cameras, planes, towers, and reports by individuals, to detect smoke events and geolocate them. The system allows the centralized operations command to communicate with the forest companies and the firefighting resources in real time, and to track the progress and status of events. The system stores all the data related to the wildfire events, such as detection time, response time, extinction time, area affected, resources deployed, etc
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Business Problem Solved

Before the existence of SGI (the solution), information about wildfires was recorded in a dispersed way, mainly in spreadsheets or reports, by the different companies involved in the incidents. There were three different bases from which common combat resources were dispatched, and different forest companies also had their own combat resources to dispatch and manage.
The business problems that the wildfire response management system (SGI) solved using Esri’s ArcGIS tools and technology were, firstly, to centralize the coordination of SPF and forest companies resources dispatched to events, georeferencing the events and real-time position of combat units; secondly, to record all relevant data of events and resources in order to generate KPIs for continuous improvement; and thirdly, to act as a centralized database of information where all the actors involved could get real-time information of ongoing events, visualize them on a map, or get reports of past events.

Technology Implemented

Map Viewers, Story Mpas, Creator, Mobile Worker, Dashboard, Field Maps, Navigator, Quick Capture, Tracker,

Development Team Biography

Martín González, Mauricio Barrera, Daniel Alvarado, Javier Salaberry, Sebastián Pandolfi, and others