2023 SAG Award Winners

National Highways

Project Goal

After realising the true value of its geospatial data assets, National Highways put geospatial data right at the heart of its business, creating a single, centralised spatial portal with the ArcGIS system. Now, geospatial data is used more extensively than ever before and employees have the real-time insight, accurate network models and innovative tools to work efficiently right across the organisation.
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Business Problem Solved

Through a ground-breaking asset evaluation initiative, National Highways valued its data at £60 billion and discovered that geospatial data was the most used and most critical data asset of all. This realisation quickly elevated the conversation about geospatial data to a senior level within the organisation, and National Highways began to consider how it could use geospatial data more effectively. Some of its key data sets relating to the national road network were inconsistent, and its use of a myriad of different systems for storing, editing and viewing geospatial data was hampering innovation.

Technology Implemented

With its new appreciation for the value of geospatial data, National Highways took the strategic decision to centralise its geospatial data and services, creating a single ‘Spatial Portal’ for the whole organisation. It selected Esri UK’s Managed Cloud Service and began to use solutions from Esri’s ArcGIS system, including Esri’s ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online, to replace its many existing, disparate departmental geographic information system (GIS) applications. As a critical part of this transition, National Highways used Esri’s Sweet for ArcGIS app to help it consolidate road network data from several legacy systems and create one comprehensive digital model of the national road network. Another solution is a new operational system that helps 400 operational staff at National Highways to manage disruption to the road network. This pivotal solution uses ArcGIS Velocity to display multiple feeds of real-time data.