2023 SAG Award Winners

San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District

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Project Goal

CEO/General Manager Heather Dyer’s overarching goal for the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District is to transform the way the Agency does business by creating the digital tools and resources that will provide an integrated, flexible, intuitive, and expandable geospatial platform that allows the organization to work together to deliver information to stakeholders, the public, and decision makers.
This effort includes modernization of existing procedures and practices, integrating fragmented workflows and siloed departments, and using GIS to develop solutions for complex challenges in the water industry. San Bernardino Valley’s vision is one that leverages GIS technologies to bridge the gap between stakeholders and decision-makers to deliver key metrics related to operations and strategic projects.
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Business Problem Solved

One of the efforts currently underway with Esri includes the collection, tracking and reporting of real time water delivery data. San Bernardino Valley employed a decades long practice of collecting daily water delivery information via SCADA application, filtering and exporting the data to a digital spreadsheet and then manually entering it into a separate spreadsheet. The monthly totals would be recorded in another spreadsheet and, later, adjusted based on variable factors.
The goals of modernizing this business practice were to eliminate the duplication of effort, reduce if not eradicate any opportunity for data entry errors, and create a foundation of data from which current and future decision making tools could be built from.
The real-time GeoEvent server has been implemented and tested so that dashboards and other tools could draw upon the foundational data being collected.

Technology Implemented

Real time GeoEvent server
Desktop GIS
ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGis Online

Development Team Biography

Heather Dyer, CEO/General Manager - Ms. Dyer is the Chief Executive Officer/General Manager at the San Bernardino Valley Municipal Water District. As the CEO/GM, she launched a transformation of the regional water agency focusing on developing a culture of empowerment, innovation, and maximum impact in the region. Prior to becoming CEO in 2019, Ms. Dyer worked as the agency’s in-house endangered species biologist, with an expertise in fisheries and river ecosystems. Ms. Dyer holds a B.S. in Resource Biology and M.S. in Marine Biology. As a leader of leaders, Ms. Dyer earned an Executive MBA at Claremont Graduate University in May 2019

Melissa Zoba, MBA, MPA - Chief Information Officer
Dan Borell, GISP - Geospatial Program Services Manager