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City of Carlsbad

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Project Goal

The Clean Water Act requires municipalities across the nation to implement programs that address pollution prevention and water quality, especially in urban areas. Ever expanding urbanization can have an adverse impact on water quality. Municipalities are required to use their land use and development planning authority to protect water quality through the installation of post-construction best management practices (BMPs). Post-construction BMPs are engineered structures that capture pollutants and prevent them from entering our waterways. The goal of the project was to create an innovative comprehensive post-construction BMP management platform that improves data tracking and collection, increases the City’s ability to respond to public inquiries, decreases staff time, reduces paper documentation and storage, streamlines compliance tracking, and creates better situational awareness between City staff, managers, the post-construction BMP community, and regulatory agencies.
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Business Problem Solved

Maintenance of privately owned post-construction BMPs is a shared responsibility between municipalities and the community. The community agrees to keep their structures in good condition, while municipalities verify maintenance through inspections and other compliance efforts. Effective post-construction BMP management can be challenging because of ever-increasing additions to inventories and complex data management needs.

Under the city’s ’s old data management system, information was “siloed” into different parts of the organization with no real ability to integrate or view data as a cohesive program. Program management was cumbersome, costly, time consuming, and paper driven - requiring multiple workflows, six software systems, and the review of engineered structures from hundreds of projects. Currently, Carlsbad provides oversight for nearly 2,000 privately owned post-construction BMPs divided among 300 owners.

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Dashboards
• ArcGIS Survery123
• ArcGIS Experience Builder
• ArcGIS Field Maps
• ArcGIS StoryMaps
• ArcGIS Web AppBuilder
• ArcGIS Server
• ArcGIS Online

Development Team Biography

Shawnetta Grandberry, Project Manager – An environmental professional with 35 years experience in stormwater compliance and public policy development, Shawnetta has worked for the City of Carlsbad for over 20 years, developing and implementing a broad range of stormwater compliance programs.

Nate Johnson, Business Systems Specialist - Nate has over 30 years experience in helping organizations implement technology solutions that support public agency business processes. Prior to working for Carlsbad, Nate was Esri’s lead for west coast operations working with state/local agencies to implement enterprise GIS systems.

Monique Larragoitia, GIS Administrator - Monique has more than 10 years experience as a GIS professional with various agencies in the local government, military, fire, and private sector. While she has worn many hats in her career, she enjoys developing and managing innovative, GIS-based solutions for customers in all fields.