2023 SAG Award Winners

County of Stark, ND

Project Goal

“The goal is to connect data, systems and departments in ways that help our staff work smarter and more efficiently – such as connecting emergency management and parcel data for the benefit of those working in the field. It’s important that we aren’t all doing our own thing and doubling up on work. We do not have a GIS team so I began the process here in the Highway Department and worked with other staff to identify other opportunities where GIS would bring value.” – Todd Miller
More Information: https://storymaps.arcgis.com/stories/0ec51390d0214a0a9b53801a88fa17c4
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Business Problem Solved

Road Operations Specialist Todd Miller, who has a unique perspective on location technology. With a 41-year career at Stark County, he has seen the evolution of GIS first-hand, from mapping the very first signs erected in the County by following roads and highlighting a paper map, to teaching himself to use an ArcPad-based process, to most recently moving to ArcGIS Pro and deploying ArcGIS Hub to manage and
share asset information.

It was at the point of adopting ArcGIS Pro that Miller sought support. Working with Esri and Pro-West & Associates , he closed the gap between the expertise he had built and what was needed to move to Pro – a technology he saw as an important step in moving the county forward. His big picture goal? To establish a user-friendly system based on ArcGIS Online that could be easily taken over when he eventually retires.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Solutions
ArcGIS Online
Field Maps
Survey 123
ArcGIS Hub
ArcGIS Story Maps
ArcGIS Pro

Development Team Biography

Todd Miller - Road Operations Specialist
Natalie Wandler - Tax Director and GIS Specialist
Shawna Davenport - Emergency Management Director