2023 SAG Award Winners

County of Frederick

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Project Goal

IIT-GIS has supported various Frederick County divisions over many years with their GIS needs using a host of ESRI products, however, when it came to county assets, the data schemas were always homegrown based on the division’s needs. Many asset collections were either incomplete or non-existent. As a call to action, Frederick County’s CAO, Rick Harcum, requested that these assets be stored in a centralized location with a consistent schema to improve asset management efficiency, better budget resources, and to better plan for the county’s fiscal future. After a lengthy vetting process Frederick County decided to purchase Cartegraph, a GIS-based solution, to unify divisions on best management practices for the same asset types. The Cartegraph product utilizes the ESRI GIS Ecosystem, relying on data storage, manipulation, and authentication, all housed under the ESRI umbrella.
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Business Problem Solved

Frederick County, Maryland organizational operations and asset maintenance involves multiple divisions including Parks and Recreation, Public Works, Water and Sewer Utilities, Solid Waste, and Recycling. Previously, there was no universal system in place to manage these operations and maintenance with each division developing different approaches to budgeting and managing of assets and resources. This led to an inconsistent data schema or motive to maintain asset information until the County purchased the GIS -based Cartegraph product. This served as the catalyst to move all county-maintained assets into the ESRI GIS environment.

Technology Implemented

The Frederick County GIS team utilized a multitude of ESRI products during our implementation. All asset data is currently stored inside an ESRI SDE database. Each Feature Class is organized by Division and the database is regularly maintained for speed and efficiency using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Catalog. The data is also served out through feature and map services hosted on our local federated ArcGIS Server and is attached to Cartograph’s server through ArcGIS Portal, utilizing ArcGIS Enterprise to its fullest. Most of the data is manipulated using ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Map and User authentication to the Cartegraph product, including the ability to view or edit, uses ArcGIS Online credentials.

Development Team Biography

The implementation of the Cartegraph product spanned multiple county staff over many departments and divisions. GIS specific workflows during implementation were completed by Austin Williams (IIT GIS Team Lead), Jason Jones (GIS Analyst), Kevin Szatmary (GIS Analyst), Mary McCullough (GIS Analyst), Nate Mullins (GIS Specialist), Tim Riley (GIS Specialist), Conor Bell (GIS Specialist). Austin supervises the GIS team on day-to-day operations. At the time of implementation, Austin provided direction on data schema as well as assisting in the data cleanup effort as the GIS Database Administrator / Web GIS Architect. Jason’s focus is mainly on Public Works and Parks & Recreation. As an Analyst, Jason was integral in data management, management, and collection of the assets. Kevin administers the databases utilized for this project. Mary scrubbed and organized data from the Sustainability team. Nate, Tim, and Conor provided general data scrubbing and asset collection.