2023 SAG Award Winners

North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority

Project Goal

As the Metropolitan Planning Organization for Northern New Jersey, the NJTPA sought to find a platform that allowed for the integration of data, applications, and outreach to support the goals of the NJTPA, while enhancing data sharing and engagement. Esri’s ArcGIS Hub enabled the NJTPA to leverage its existing GIS infrastructure to collaborate on data-driven decision-making processes for key initiatives using maps, applications, and data.
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Business Problem Solved

To support the various studies, projects, and federal compliance, ArcGIS Hub allowed the NJTPA to seamlessly connect and visualize content, data, maps, and outreach in one place. An example of this is the NJTPA’s Equity Resources site.

The NJTPA is required to comply with various civil rights statutes, executive orders, and regulations intended to ensure that the planning process includes traditionally under-served populations and that those populations have meaningful access to the agency’s activities. To support this effort, the NJTPA discussed how to connect the data, applications, regulatory content and the NJTPA’s compliance documents in one centralized location for internal and external use.

Staff developed, using ArcGIS Hub, a site that provides internal staff, subregions, and partner agencies with a place they can gather demographic data, interact with an equity analysis application, and understand the legislative statues regarding Environment

Technology Implemented

The following Esri technology was used:
1. ArcGIS Hub
2. ArcGIS Online
3. ArcGIS Dashboards
4. ArcGIS Pro
5. ArcGIS Map
6. ArcGIS Server

Development Team Biography

Gabrielle Fausel, Principal Planner, GIS and Planning Tools

Ms. Fausel has been working as a Principal Planner in GIS at the NJTPA for the last 11 years. Her work at the NJTPA primarily includes the managing of GIS projects, supporting data collection and analysis, and development of applications. She graduated from Siena College with a BA in Environmental Studies and holds a master’s degree from the University of Maryland in Community Planning. She also has her certificate in GIS from Penn State.