2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Hattiesburg, MS

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Project Goal

The goal was to provide real-time locations of city buses. This was accomplished by first setting up a base Enterprise deployment. The Last known location from the ArcGIS Server was added as a secure service into a publicly shared webmap on AGOL. The Tracker/Field map app was configured to update the locations every thirty seconds.

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Business Problem Solved

The City of Hattiesburg launched new routes for its fixed-route buses and required an efficient and cost-effective solution to inform citizens and university students of new routes and schedules. By providing a public facing WebApp link that could be saved to the homepage of any smartphone, we gave them the ease of knowing where their bus is at any given time.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise – Portal, Server, Data Store and Spatio-Temporal Data Store. ArcGIS Tracker, Field map app, ArcGIS Online

Development Team Biography

Hema Gopalan
GIS Manager, City of Hattiesburg