2023 SAG Award Winners

City of Edmond

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Project Goal

Project included creating an ArcGIS Data Hub for the City of Edmond as a tool for public use. The goal is to provide a centralized location where applications, maps and data can be easily accessed.
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Business Problem Solved

Problem solved included developing a GIS data hub, serving as a centralized location for applications, maps and data. This data hub makes it easier for the public to explore content such as Planning and Zoning, Gracelawn Cemetery and City Project applications. Printable maps available include the City of Edmond Bicycle Plan, City of Edmond Street Map and a variety of trails maps. Downloadable data includes City Limits, GPS Monuments and Streets. Future plans include expanding content available using story maps and new custom applications.

Technology Implemented

Technology included leveraging ArcGIS Online and creating a new data hub site, then placing Public facing applications, maps and data on the site. Applications were developed in house using ArcGIS API for JavaScript and Web App Builder Developer Edition Technology. Story maps were created by staff using the tools available through ArcGIS Online. Mapping content such as the street map and trails were creating using ArcGIS Desktop software with the source collected using field surveys or GPS technology. Data available for the Public use is added to ArcGIS Online from the City’s enterprise geodatabase.

Development Team Biography

Project Team includes:

Antonio Adolphues
City of Edmond, OK
GIS Coordinator
1273 N Broadway
Edmond, OK 73083

Ian Peebles, GISP
City of Edmond, OK
GIS Analyst II
1273 N Broadway
Edmond, OK 73083

The GIS Team also worked with the Marketing Department for graphics and design as needed as well as the Network Support team for site name as security as needed. Story maps and other mapping content was created by other City Staff. Developing a data hub site is a team effort amongst City Staff members and involves collaboration.